Excellence in Insect Control

We’re building on our long-held leadership in insecticidal treatments to deliver safe and sustainable benefits to growers.

Ever since revolutionizing the market with Gaucho®, we have been at the forefront of excellent insecticidal seed treatments, applying our high-performance products in conjunction with product stewardship and farmer education practices to ensure safe, optimal use around the world.     

Early protection of seeds through seed-applied insecticides is the ideal method of preventing losses from planting onwards. SeedGrowth solutions are designed to give plants a better chance of establishment, and in particular, they contribute to reducing the pressure from soil insects such as corn root worm and wireworm, sucking insects including aphids and leafhoppers, and plant-parasitic nematodes.

Browse our most important products below. For the full product range get in touch with your local Bayer representative.


Modern, labor-saving insecticide for corn, soybean, rice and cereals

Buteo start®

Insecticide seed treatment for canola/oilseed rape.


Flagship insecticide for soybean, corn and cotton in Brazil.


User-friendly, long-lasting insecticide for soybean, wheat, corn and cotton.

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Our seed treatment for your seeds
Our seed treatment for your seeds
Our seed treatment for your seeds
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