BUTEO® start

Insecticide seed treatment for canola/oilseed rape that provides superior protection against striped and crucifer flea beetles. The systemic active ingredient of BUTEO start protects the entire plant and releases its full power. This systemic active ingredient can be absorbed directly by the root system and protects the young plant from attacking sucking insects right from the start, up to three-leaf stage.  


// Canola

// Oilseed rape


// Flea beetles – Phyllotreta sp.

// Cabbage root fly – Delia radicum

// Cabbage stem flea beetle – Psylliodes chrysocephala

Active Ingredient

// Flupyradifurone (480 g/l)

Mode of Action

// BUTEO start has a novel and differentiated mode of action based on the natural compound Stemofoloine, an isolate from the medicinal plant Stemona japonica that grows mainly in south-east Asia.

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