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Acceleron® is Bayer’s seed treatment package brand, combining the best-fitting seed treatment components in recipes unleashing their full potential. It is commonly used to describe treatment solutions applied to Bayer seeds.

Taking a holistic approach, Acceleron® brings together premium seed treatment products (considering both small-molecule and biological technologies) in precisely designed and thoroughly tested combinations to achieve synergies with seed genetics and crop systems, supported by comprehensive expertise and services.

The result: high-performing, convenient and ready-to-plant solutions, constantly pushing the limits of what seed treatments can deliver and protecting farmers’ investments in their seeds.

All Acceleron® packages are validated for performance, seed safety and regulatory compliance.

For more information about our Acceleron® offer in your country, check out our local websites or contact your local Bayer representative.

When hope turns into pride: Watch the new Acceleron® product video

Acceleron® Testimonial Videos

Acceleron® Testimonial Video
Why Treyson Culwell trusts Acceleron® solutions

Farmers today must deal with more challenges and variables than ever. What do they need to overcome these? Watch the video to find out what Treyson said.

Acceleron® Testimonial Video
SeedGrowth benefits in action

What’s the real test of a seed treatment? How it delivers for farmers in the field. Watch the video to learn about Brad's story.

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