Less work – more protection. Reatis® is a modern, labor-saving insecticide seed treatment for corn, soybean, rice and cereals. Effective against an extended pest spectrum, it makes a significant contribution to securing early plant development and crop stand. Can be applied industrially or downstream. Also for use with soaked rice.

Brabd Tag Insecticide Reatis


// Corn

// Soybean

// Rice

// Cereals


// Early-season Lepidoptera

// Certain Coleoptera

Active Ingredient

// Tetraniliprole: Three available formulations

                    480 FS Blue

                    480 FS colourless

                    380 FS red (Canada)

Mode of Action

// Reatis is a diamide insecticide that disrupts the Ryanodine receptor responsible for intercellular calcium movement in target insects. The active ingredient was discovered and developed by Bayer. A safe and powerful mode of action from a leader in seed treatments.

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Our seed treatment for your seeds
Our seed treatment for your seeds
Our seed treatment for your seeds
Our seed treatment for your seeds
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