Gaucho is an improved, user-friendly seed treatment formulation containing the systemic insecticide Imidacloprid. The systemic activity and the relatively low rate of application makes it user-friendly for seed dressing. Gaucho provides protection to the crop against highly damaging sucking pests, with a Stress Shield effect for young plants. The reduction of foliar applications makes it IPM (Integrated Pest Management) friendly.


// Soybean

// Wheat

// Corn

// Cotton


// Broad range against chewing and sucking pests

Active Ingredient

// Imidiacloprid (600 g /l)

Mode of Action

// *Nicotinic Acetylcholin-Esterase-Inhibitor  
   (Neonicotinoid; IRAC 4A)

// Excellent starting for the seeds due to the Stress Shield effect

// Very good control levels in early infestations of chewing and sucking pests

// Immediate onset of efficacy at the root system and depot effect around seedling

(*might vary by country, please check local data as well)

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Our seed treatment for your seeds
Our seed treatment for your seeds
Our seed treatment for your seeds
Our seed treatment for your seeds
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