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Seed treatments are a powerful, efficient, and safe tool helping farmers grow healthy crops to feed the world’s population. They preserve crop yields by protecting plants in their most vulnerable stages of growth. At the same time, they are a highly targeted solution that reduces the overall use of crop protection products and exposure of non-targeted species. This makes seed treatments an important tool for sustainable agriculture.

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Products & Solutions

Building on our 100-year history as seed treatment pioneers, we are proud to offer a market-leading portfolio of treatments: spanning a wide range of crops, and incorporating fungicidal, insecticidal, nematicidal and biological tools.

Additionally, we use our expertise to create tailored packages of treatments for a wide range of crops, climates and local conditions – rejecting the ‘one size fits all’ approach in favor of a personalized experience that provides a basis for optimal results.

Our seed treatment for your seeds


Protect crops against the diseases that afflict them in the early stages of growth, and see the results unfold in the field. Our fungicidal treatments are designed to address every need, from the broad to the specific, with maximal crop and disease coverage.

Our seed treatment for your seeds


Our product range includes some of the world’s biggest names in insecticidal seed treatment. All our products are designed to be powerful, long-lasting and easy to use, while acting in a precisely targeted manner and minimizing effects on other species.

Our seed treatment for your seeds


Biological solutions are a fast-growing, cutting-edge sector of seed treatment, derived from natural sources such as plants, bacteria and fungi. Biologicals have the power to improve plant efficiency while reducing chemical use in line with sustainability principles.


Our treated seeds for your field


Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions are exclusive treatment packages tailored specifically to Bayer seeds. With Acceleron, enjoy the confidence and peace of mind of benefiting from an optimized combination that’s proven to promote plant health and growth from day one.


Our expertise for your equipment

Seed Treatment Equipment

We support SeedGrowth partners with a range of equipment-related services, delivered in a flexible and needs-based manner. This allows customers to benefit from our seed treatment and equipment knowledge. For guidance on how to operate equipment from drum treating systems to batch treating systems, please see the provided technical bulletins and user manuals.

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Discover how to get the most out of our seed treatments with our articles and guides created based on first-hand experience.

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Sustainability & Services

Learn how our solutions enable sustainability in the field, and discover how we support you and your goals.

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Products & Solutions

Building on our 100-year history as seed treatment pioneers, we offer a market-leading portfolio of treatments & innovations.

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