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Biological technology is the latest frontier in seed treatments, combining sustainable farming benefits with the level of performance you have come to expect from Bayer products.

Biological seed treatment solutions are an emerging technology that offers an alternative way to increase the efficiency of crops in a more sustainable manner. Biologicals can be used for a range of purposes, from strengthening a plant’s defenses to improving its root efficiency and therefore the amount of nutrients it can absorb from the soil.

With biological seed treatments, we have the ability to lower the environmental impact of crop protection even further – by using nature-derived sources that continue to offer exceptional levels of efficacy. As our understanding of the biological sphere grows, more effective solutions will be added to our portfolio.

Browse our most important products below. For the full product range get in touch with your local Bayer representative.

Biological bird repellent

Biological seed treatment designed to prevent attacks from crows, pigeons, pheasants and other birds.

ProStablish® WT
Biological seed treatment

Biological seed treatment for wheat, which supports mycorrhization and thus enhances functional root volume.

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Our seed treatment for your seeds
Our seed treatment for your seeds
Our seed treatment for your seeds
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