The Best Start for Your Crops

See how our fungicidal seed treatments protect against some of the most common diseases in a wide range of crops.

The early stages of a plant’s growth, between planting and establishment, are when it is most vulnerable to many diseases that can affect growth and ultimately reduce yield. This is where seed treatments come into their own: they provide crucial protection and increase resilience against fungal diseases, particularly during seedling emergence and root system establishment. They are the most effective defense against seed-borne diseases like smuts and bunts, and help combat soil-borne diseases like damping-off. In addition, they can help boost crop efficiency and sustainable growth.

Our comprehensive range of fungicidal seed treatments is designed to be effective in almost every situation, and we are always innovating to add new solutions that further widen their efficacy.

Browse our most important products below. For the full product range get in touch with your local Bayer representative.

EverGol® Energy

Superior control of key seed and soil-borne diseases.

Bariton® Super

Broad disease spectrum formulation for spring and winter cereals.

Redigo® M

Dual-action fungicidal seed treatment against Fusarium and Pythium.

Routine Start®

Our first specialized rice seed treatment product.

Scenic Gold®

Fungicidal treatment for oilseed rape crops.                                                                                  

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Our seed treatment for your seeds
Our seed treatment for your seeds
Our seed treatment for your seeds
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