WATCH: Creating new seed treatment solutions with biologicals

Biological solutions have the potential to deliver new modes of effective crop protection, while supporting sustainability goals. They are one of the most exciting and fastest-growing technologies in agriculture today. But what about seed treatments: how are they harnessing the power of biologicals? What results are they delivering?

Maria Laura Ramos – who has been Biologics Product Support Lead for the last five years – gives us her view in this exclusive interview. She tells us how quickly the market for biologicals is growing, and how we see them as an additional tool in the agricultural toolbox, which can combine with other products as part of an integrated seed treatment solution.

Watch the video to find out more about Maria’s work to expand our understanding and use of biologicals as part of a market-leading seed treatment offering. Plus, you’ll hear how we’re exploring biologicals for nematode control, and integrating bionematicides into our Acceleron packages in key territories.

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