WATCH: Our seed treatment testing services in action

How do we know whether a plant will survive and thrive in the field? It takes powerful protection, constant nurture, and strong seeds. At SeedGrowth, we’re ready to deliver that from day one, because we’ve already been working to ensure your success for a long time before that.

We constantly work on our seed treatment recipes in our laboratory and testing facilities, optimizing their performance with repeated tests in key aspects such as dust reduction, germination, active load, flowability, processability, plantability and appearance. So when it comes to the crucial time, when seeds are planted and need protection and support, our premium seed treatments are ready. The result for you? The best possible chance of healthy, vigorous growth and good yields.

That’s why, when you buy solutions from SeedGrowth, you’re buying more than a product: you’re buying confidence in the outcome. Because we’ve been putting the hard work in for a long time before your seeds were even treated. We go further, so your crops can do the same.

Watch our video filmed inside the SeedGrowth Technology Center, and see just how dedicated we are to enabling the very best results in the field.

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