WATCH: Why Treyson Culwell trusts acceleron solutions

“When acceleron came around, we started using it, and we’ve been with acceleron ever since. It’s been a really great product for us.”
Treyson Culwell

Treyson Culwell runs a family farm in Missouri. He also operates a seed business and a spray services business. One thing he absolutely needs to rely on? The quality of his seed. And his seeds are protected with acceleron, giving them a full package of protection in one seed treatment solution.

Keeping a family farm successful is only getting tougher in volatile climate and market situations. Treyson looks for any advantage he can get. That includes reliable protection for seeds in the ground. And it includes working with long-standing and knowledgeable partners like Bayer: “Knowing that we have the backing from Bayer is really, really good. We have to be able to trust them and the customers have to be able to trust us.”

Hear more of Treyson’s views on the future of farming, the importance of trust, and why he sticks with acceleron, in this exclusive video.

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