Scenic Gold®

Fungicidal treatment for oilseed rape crops, acting against Phoma, Alternaria, downy mildew and damping-off. It provides optimal emergence and vigorous crop establishment and thus optimizes, from the start, the inherent potential of the crop.


// Winter and Spring Oilseed Rape

// Winter and Spring Turnip Rape

// Bird rape

// Oil radish

// Brown mustard

// Black mustard

// White mustard


// Phoma seedling blight (Phoma lingam, Leptosphaeria biglobosa)

// Alternaria seedling blight (A. brassicae, A. brassicola)

// Downy mildew (Hyaloperonospora brassicae)

// Damping-off complex (including Rhizoctonia solani and seedling blight pathogens)

Active Ingredient

// Fluopicolide (200g/l)

// Fluoxastrobin (150g/l)

Mode of Action

// Scenic Gold is the combination of two different active ingredients and two different mode of actions, solely available through this unique OSR seed treatment.

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Our seed treatment for your seeds
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