Partners in growth

High commitment to R&D
Constantly improving to preserve the business for future generations: that is the goal of the wholesale seed company Pasture Genetics. Their strategy? Investing in Research & Development (R&D), collaborating closely with dedicated, international partners such as the SeedGrowth seed treatment experts, and thus offering the highest-quality seeds to farmers.

Farmers across Australia and all over the world, from small family businesses to large corporate farms, use seeds produced and treated by Pasture Genetics. They all face the same problems: their crops get attacked in their early establishment phase by pests like red-legged earth mites, Lucerne fleas, and aphids. “Farmers need treated, ready-to-use seeds that are protected against insects and enriched with micronutrients,” says Rob Damin, General Manager of Pasture Genetics. “And we’re delivering that to them for success in their fields.”

Family-based success

Pasture Genetics is a vertically integrated seed company that can take care of everything – from R&D, seed production and seed treatment to wholesale and distribution. Founded more than 20 years ago, the South Australian family business run by the Damin family employs more than 30 people, operates 13 distribution warehouses nationally, and exports to over 30 countries. As one of the largest producers, marketers, and suppliers of seeds to Australian agriculture, Pasture Genetics focuses on seed treatment in forage legumes such as medics, clovers, and lucernes, as well as on forage cereals, such as oats and barley. In 2016, the company treated around 2,500 tons of pasture-based legume seed and 1,000 tons of forage cereals in its seed treatment facilities.

The high value of integrated offerings

Why should farmers choose seeds from Pasture Genetics? Because the company continually strives to provide only the highest quality seeds. In their research efforts, they constantly search for seed treatment products that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also perform in the field to farmers’ satisfaction. “To achieve this, we work extensively with the experts in Bayer’s SeedGrowth business,” explains Rob’s son Tom, Research and Technical Services Manager at Pasture Genetics. He especially values the integrated offering of seed treatment products with seed treatment expertise and services, including knowledge in coatings and equipment. “We tested many different combinations to make sure we were doing everything to get the right end product,” Tom says.

First to know

But it wasn’t only Bayer’s expertise in putting together the right mix of seed treatment products, coatings, and equipment that came in handy for Pasture Genetics. “By working closely with Bayer, we gained access to new active ingredients and solutions,” Tom adds. Pasture Genetics benefits from the insights gained by Bayer’s global network of scientists and technical experts dedicated to working on and testing ever better seed treatment products and technologies. “Bayer’s and Pasture Genetics’ partnership is ongoing and it’s driving the development of technologies that enable us to surpass industry standards. We are setting new benchmarks in seed treatment,” says Rob.

About Pasture Genetics
• Australian seed wholesale company
• Nationwide and international exports to North America, South America, Europe, and Africa
• Family-run business, founded in 1997
• More than 30 employees
• Treatment of approx. 2,500 tons of pasture-based legume seed and 1,000 tons of forage cereals each year
• Co-operating with Bayer’s SeedGrowth business since 2007 

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