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Protecting your crops right from the start

Seed treatments are a powerful, efficient, and safe tool for helping farmers grow healthy crops to feed the world’s population. They preserve crop yields by protecting plants in their most vulnerable stages of growth. At the same time, they are a highly targeted solution that reduces the overall use of crop protection products and exposure of non-targeted species. This makes seed treatments an important tool for sustainable agriculture.

Your Partners in Growth

SeedGrowth is a global leader in seed treatment products, services, and support.

SeedGrowth incorporates all of Bayer’s seed treatment activities in a single, integrated system. To our customers, we are more than just suppliers: we are partners in growth.
Our 100 years of experience has given us an in-depth understanding of seeds, seed treatment products, and market needs.

Building on our expertise and our passion for innovation, we achieve real value for customers while pioneering new technologies and tailored solutions that help build the future of seed treatments.

Your Benefits

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of seed treatment products – incorporating chemical, biological, and digital tools – to help you protect your seeds and plants from pests and diseases and promote strong, reliable growth.

With Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions, we have developed precise treatment recipes of active ingredients tailored to our own high-quality seeds. This gives you the instant confidence in a product combination that is designed and tested to deliver the highest performance reliably and consistently.

We know that seed treatment is a people business. As such, we are passionate to go above and beyond our product portfolio to offer you the whole package, including services and technical support. We are dedicated to using our in-depth knowledge and our unrivalled research capabilities to produce results that really matter to you and your operations.

Our new website is coming soon

We will shortly launch our new SeedGrowth website to support you with key information including:

  • • Our portfolio of seed treatments, their uses and benefits
  • • The latest developments in our products and solutions
  • • How to access our key services
  • • Product stewardship, safety and best practice guidelines
  • • Case studies demonstrating real-world outcomes of seed treatment

Until the new website goes live in July, do not hesitate to contact us directly.