March 2019


Jointly supporting farmers in being more productive

Over the last ten years, the demand for treated seeds in Australia has been growing exponentially. Pasture Genetics, a seed company developing its own proprietary products, equips growers with professionally treated seeds. In this video, Tom Damin, Research and Technical Services Manager at Pasture Genetics, talks about the partnership with Bayer SeedGrowth® and their joint R&D efforts.

February 2019


A symbiotic relationship

“We’ve found Bayer SeedGrowth as very open-handed partners, always ready to assist,” says Rob Damin, General Manager at Pasture Genetics and co-founder of the company. Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of treated seeds and the partnership between Bayer SeedGrowh® and the Australian seed company.

July 2017

Stewardship at Bayer SeedGrowth

Benefits of deflector technology

Deflector technology minimizes potential risks such as pollinators being exposed to dust emissions. At the same time, deflectors help farmers to maximize the benefits of seed treatment technology. As you can see in this video, a deflector is an attachment as powerful as it is simple.

May 2017

Bayer’s Zero Dust project

BaySTEP™: finding the optimum treatment end point

Bayer is working on minimizing the generation and emission of dust. One step in which dust generation can be very effectively reduced is during the active seed treatment process. But how can seed processors achieve this? With a newly developed tool by Bayer SeedGrowth™: BaySTEP. “STEP” stands for “Seed Treatment End Point,” and this equipment solution helps seed treaters determine the optimum end point of the seed treatment process. Watch this video to learn more about BaySTEP.

May 2017

Explore the restructured Peridiam™ portfolio

Covering the needs of seeds

Bayer SeedGrowth™ has combined all its seed coatings under one roof: Peridiam. This umbrella brand is now made up of three major product lines – Quality, Extra, and Active – and provides varied coating solutions tailored to different crops, climate conditions, and market needs. Thanks to this simplified portfolio structure, customers worldwide can recognize at first glance which seed coating is the most suitable for their specific seed treatment business.

July 2016

Stewardship at Bayer SeedGrowth

SweepAir – tackling dust more efficiently

Bayer CropScience specialists have developed SweepAir, a new prototype technology for minimizing dust emissions from pneumatic corn-sowing machines. It is based on an air-cleaning cyclone that reduces dust emissions by up to 99 percent. Utmost efficiency and easy handling – SweepAir can be used by farmers in day-to-day operations. The next step will involve further optimization hand in hand with major machinery manufacturers. Learn more about the novel SweepAir technology in this video.

May 2016

Success story Erro

Grain matters

Erro is a successful Uruguayan company with many years of experience in seed processing and treatment. Its recipe for success: developing products that farmers really need and relying on Bayer SeedGrowth equipment.

May 2016

Success story Kilafen

Farmers at heart

Kilafen is a newcomer in the Uruguayan seed business. Nevertheless, its goals are ambitious: the company’s approach is to be not just a supplier but a partner farmers can rely on.

February 2016

Bayer SeedGrowth Equipment Innovation Center

New facility in Shakopee, Minnesota

Bayer designed the SeedGrowth Equipment Innovation Center in Shakopee, Minnesota, to play a starring role in supporting sustainable agriculture initiatives and global product stewardship for the global SeedGrowth business.

August 2014

ISF Congress 2014 in Beijing

Bayer Main Sponsor

Enjoy these colorful impressions from the world's leading gathering of seed specialists. At the ISF World Seed Congress in Beijing (26-28 May 2014) Bayer was again the Main Sponsor and played a leading role at this event through its competence brand for seed treatment, Bayer SeedGrowth. Watch the videohere.

April 2014

100 Years of Innovation in Seed Treatment

Ground-breaking achievements that changed the world of farming

May 2013

Explore Bayer SeedGrowth™

Highly Satisfied Australian Seed Treater

Listen to what Peter Le Lievre says about the benefits of working with Bayer

May 2013

Seed-applied products

A Holistic Perspective on Seed Treatment

Find out why neonicotinoid seed treatment is so valuable

May 2013

EverGol™ Prime

EverGol™ Prime in Australia

Watch this TV commercial on tackling the problem of baldness and rhizoctonia root rot

May 2013

EverGol™ Prime

Root Development with EverGol™ Prime

A time-lapse video compares the development of untreated and EverGol™ Prime-treated roots