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Bayer SeedGrowth® completes its tailor-made solutions by offering a wide range of services, from training, analysis, and customization to hands-on technical support and troubleshooting. here

ISF World Seed Congress 2019

Bayer showcased innovative seed-applied technologies and new seed varieties in France

Bayer was again main sponsor of the World Seed Congress, hosted by the International Seed Federation (ISF), and used the event to actively engage in stakeholder dialog and demonstrate its commitment to shaping agriculture through innovation. Watch this video to learn more. here

Routine Start

China’s first dry rice seed treatment product

Bayer launched Routine Start® in China – the country’s first dry rice seed treatment product. Routine Start has the advantage of soaking without fall off and losses, and it can enhance the resistance of rice immediately after sowing. here

Interviews at ISF 2018

“Innovation means more than just innovative products”

The annual ISF World Seed Congress is where innovation shines. In this video, Bayer SeedGrowth experts share their insights and impressions from this year’s event in Brisbane. here

Interview Martin Gruss at ISF 2018

“Listen to your customers and understand their challenges!”

Having completed 40 years with Bayer and more than three years in Australia, this year’s ISF in Brisbane felt like a homecoming for Martin Gruss, Global Head Bayer SeedGrowth. here

Blog post by Martin Gruss

Partners in Growth

Great partnerships yield great innovations. If you really want to benefit from a partnership, however, you need to bring expertise to the table. That’s why Bayer SeedGrowth® is the partner of choice when it comes to seed treatment – and has been for many years. here

Blog post by Martin Gruss

Enhancing Crop Efficiency through Biological Seed Treatment

Customized Agronomic Solutions – including chemical crop protection products, improved seeds, and biologicals – are essential to securing global food supplies. In his latest blog post, Martin Gruss, Global Head of SeedGrowth, talks about how biological seed treatments can enhance crop efficiency. here


Severe Economic Losses for the European Seed Sector

In 2013, the European Commission restricted the application of three neonicotinoids. The costs for the oilseed rape industry, for example, related to these restrictions amount to almost €900 million per year. In a European Seed article, Martin Gruss, Global Head SeedGrowth, commented on the impact of the ban on neonicotinoids. here

Blog post by Martin Gruss

Between East and West: Annual ESA Meeting in Riga

This year’s European Seed Association (ESA) Annual Meeting took place in Riga from October 8 to 10. In his new blog post, Martin Gruss, Global Head SeedGrowth, discusses the latest innovations in seed applied technologies and the exciting new developments presented in the Latvian capital. here

Open house in Méréville

Project completed – time to celebrate

A successful day in Méréville: On June 30th, 2017, the team at the Bayer SeedGrowth™ Coatings site celebrated the completion of their new formulation installation and invited more than 100 guests to take a look at the results. more

Review ISF World Seed Congress 2017

Welcome to Budapest!

From Punta del Este, Uruguay, to Budapest: It was not for nothing that Hungary was chosen as this year’s host of the ISF World Seed Congress: Ranking among the top six cereal producing states in the European Union and with a great tradition in seed production, Hungary was the perfect spot for this event – and Bayer SeedGrowth™. more

Blog post by Martin Gruss

How Are the Restrictions on Neonics Affecting Europe’s Farmers?

Oilseed rape fields aren’t just pretty, they’re also extremely useful – but the oilseed rape acreage in Europe is declining. Martin Gruss, Global Head SeedGrowth, discusses how the restrictions on neonics have seriously impacted pest management methods, crops and farmers. here

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Bayer SeedGrowth Magazine 2017

In this year’s issue we’d like to take you on a journey to Hungary where we visited two seed treaters. You can also read how we respond to the unique requirements of our customers in case studies from New Zealand, Brazil, and Germany, and learn more about our grand opening of the latest SeedGrowth Center in Nigel, South Africa, about our new technology BaySTEP that supports operators in determining the exact endpoint of the seed treatment process or about our restructured and simplified Peridiam™ seed coating portfolio. Enjoy your read! here

Blog post by Martin Gruss

Hungary: A Crisp Country for Cereal

The ISF World Seed Congress 2017 in Budapest is just around the corner. Martin Gruss, Global Head SeedGrowth, discusses what he and his team have planned for the event – and why Hungary is such an important (cereal) market for Bayer SeedGrowth™. more

Blog post by Martin Gruss

Neonics to Be Banned in Europe?

The decision by the European Commission (EC) to restrict the use of three seed-applied neonicotinoids will be re-evaluated in November 2017. Martin Gruss, Global Head SeedGrowth, discusses why Bayer is fighting the proposed broad ban on neonicotinoids in Europe. more


Poncho/VOTiVO again No. 1 seed treatment in U.S.

Poncho™/VOTiVO™ delivers an average yield advantage of 10 bushels per acre compared to commercial fungicide – which is why it remains the most trusted seed-applied insecticide among growers in the United States. more

Blog post by Martin Gruss

Supporting Seed Treatment Industry with Equipment and Expertise

Bayer SeedGrowth™ not only makes plant protection products but also the equipment to apply them. In his new blog post, Martin Gruss talks about the importance of constantly developing new solutions and keeping in touch with customers. more

Blog post by Martin Gruss

Spotlight on Seed-Applied Neonicotinoids

A recently published HFFA Research Paper analyzing the impact on oilseed rape farming of the neonicotinoid ban in Europe revealed significant economic and environmental impacts. Martin Gruss, Global Head SeedGrowth, discusses these developments in his latest blog post. more

Blog post by Martin Gruss

On the Importance of Seed Treatment

Four areas of competence, four years of growing success – but what exactly is SeedGrowth? Martin Gruss, Global Head SeedGrowth, has written a blog post, explaining what it’s all about, reflecting on what has been achieved, and pointing out the importance of seed treatment. more

ESA 2016 Annual Meeting in Rome

Representing SeedGrowth in the eternal city

This year’s European Seed Association (ESA) Annual Meeting, which took place in Rome from October 9 to 11, drew a record attendance of more than 1,000 representatives from Europe and all over the world. As Silver Partner, Bayer SeedGrowth™ was also in Italy’s capital to discuss the latest innovations in seed applied technologies – and present its unique fourfold competence. more

SeedGrowth Review ISF 2016

Encouraging outlooks and new opportunities

The “Natural Way Forward in Business & Life” was the theme of this year’s ISF World Seed Congress in Punta del Este, Uruguay. What were the hottest topics discussed at the event? How did the participants perceive the holistic approach of Bayer SeedGrowth? Bjoern Hardt, Global Key Account Management Seed Companies at Bayer, has the answers. more

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Bayer SeedGrowth Magazine 2016

In this year’s issue, the Bayer SeedGrowth Magazine takes a closer look at nematodes. You can also read a story about the latest news about the ongoing debate on neonicotinoids. Enjoy your read! here

Record attendance at this year’s ESA annual congress

Bayer SeedGrowth™ was well represented at the ESA 2015 Annual Meeting held in Vienna from October 11-13. One of the highlights was the presentation of a new prototype to minimize dust emission. more

100 years of Bayer SeedGrowth Coatings

What started as a small French company a century ago is now the heart of innovative film coatings and pelleting technology for farmers all around the globe. In 2015 the Bayer SeedGrowth Coatings site in Méréville, France celebrates its 100th years of expertise and innovation. more

Bayer CropScience at the ISF 2015 in Krakow

You never work alone!

Congresses and trade fairs have one big thing in common: They are always a great opportunity to strengthen business contacts and socialize with important stakeholders. So did this year’s ISF World Seed Congress in Krakow, Poland, at the end of May. Under the slogan “You never work alone,” Bayer CropScience, main sponsor of the event, was present at the ICE Congress Center during the seed industry’s biggest annual gathering. more

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Bayer SeedGrowth Magazine 2015

Get new insights into the four strategic competences products, coatings, equipment, and services. For instance, read about Bayer’s proactive product stewardship approach and upcoming innovations in this field. See how Poland, host country of ISF 2015, adapted the competence brand and read how the Bayer SeedGrowth site Méréville celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2015. What started as a small breeding business is now the heart of innovative coatings for Bayer customers across the globe. This year’s Bayer SeedGrowth Magazine displays the tremendous diversity of topics that Bayer is handling. Explore the interactive Bayer SeedGrowth Magazine 2015 here

Bayer SeedGrowth at ESA 2014 Annual Meeting:

Gold Sponsor in Lisbon

Lisbon, October 16, 2014. This year’s key seed event in Europe, the Annual Meeting of the European Seed Association (ESA), began with a new attendance record, and Bayer SeedGrowth had more than two good reasons to celebrate.


A journey to keep seed treatment where it belongs – on the seed, in the field

Mission: ‘Zero’ Dust

At Bayer CropScience we turn seed treatments into technological powerhouses, protecting crops from pests and diseases. But we are also a progressive and responsible company, working to make this technology even more sustainable and secure. Explore our mission here

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Bayer SeedGrowth™ Magazine 2014

Discover our fourfold expertise for on-seed applications, see how we help customers and in particular farmers worldwide to protect their investments, read forward-looking interviews about seed treatment's future, and join our journey through 100 years of innovations in seed treatment. Explore the interactive Bayer SeedGrowth™ Magazine 2014 here

European Seed Association

The Benefits of Seed Treatment Technology for Crop Protection

This European Seed Association video clearly communicates the economic and ecological arguments for crop protection and seed treatment, delivers convincing quotes from farmers, and outlines the advantages of the European Seed Treatment Assurance (ESTA) certification scheme, which is the seal of quality for seed treatment products and the handling and use of treated seed more

Multifaceted Approach to Research, Development and Grower Solutions Help Lead Crop Technology Forward

Bayer CropScience Showcases Broadacre Innovation at ASTA

Of course Bayer CropScience was busy at the ASTA in Chicago in December - to tell seed companies about the soon-to-be-launched solution to the problem of soybean Sudden Death Syndrome.


Bayer SeedGrowth™ at ESA 2013 Annual Meeting:

Strong partner for the seed business

Bayer SeedGrowth™ was strongly represented at the ESA 2013 Annual Meeting held in Warsaw from October 13-15 for two reasons: first, because the European seed market with its wide variety of crops (e.g. cereals, oilseed rape, corn, sugar beet, cotton, vegetables etc.) is an important one for Bayer; and second, because the European Seed Association (ESA) is an organisation of important influence.


Promoting a fully integrated system for on-seed applications with Bayer SeedGrowth

Bayer CropScience announces plans to open SeedGrowth Centres in Vietnam and Japan

At the inaugural Rice Future Forum held today in New Delhi, India, Bayer CropScience announced plans to open SeedGrowth Centres dedicated to rice in Vietnam and Japan. more

Successful presentation at ISF 2013 World Seed Congress

Global seed treatment industry gets to know Bayer SeedGrowth

With the past very much present at a venue close to the Acropolis in Athens, it was the future that was in everybody's mind at this year's World Seed Congress staged by the International Seed Federation (ISF). And for Bayer CropScience and the seed treatment industry the future is Bayer SeedGrowth. more

Seed Treatment Guide

How to handle and manage treated seed effectively

The SeedGrowth™ team at Bayer is proud to have contributed to The Guide to Seed Treatment Stewardship, an all-in-one guide for handling and managing treated seed effectively. To find out more about this Guide and what you can learn from it, click here. more