Successful presentation at ISF 2013 World Seed Congress

Global seed treatment industry gets to know Bayer SeedGrowth

With the past very much present at a venue close to the Acropolis in Athens, it was the future that was in everybody's mind at this year's World Seed Congress staged by the International Seed Federation (ISF). And for Bayer CropScience and the seed treatment industry the future is Bayer SeedGrowth.
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The entire Bayer SeedGrowth Team at the 2013 ISF World Congress

The view from the venue was nothing less than spectacular. The Acropolis shimmered in the evening light as guests gathered on the rooftop terrace of the InterConti Athenaeum Hotel in Athens for the Bayer SeedGrowth Evening. Matthias Haug, Head of Bayer SeedGrowth, referred to the ancient citadel in his speech: “We are talking about the future in the light of a 2,500-year-old Acropolis. In comparison, our track record as a company is only 150 years old – something we are celebrating this year – and we have been in the seed treatment business for about 100 years. But it is the combination of long experience and the vision and willingness to change that creates exciting new opportunities and solutions.”

The future of seed treatment

While the venue afforded a view of the past, the 2013 World Seed Congress also offered a glimpse of what the future holds in seed treatment. Bayer was proud to be the main sponsor of this congress, and equally proud to use this opportunity to introduce Bayer SeedGrowth, the innovative concept for on-seed applications, to industry representatives from over 80 countries.

“Working together with our colleagues from Seeds, we were highly visible throughout the event,” reports Martin Gruss, Head of SeedGrowth Products at Bayer CropScience. “Our aim was to familiarize the seed community with the concept of Bayer SeedGrowth, which is based on our four key competencies in products, coatings, equipment and services.” This concept expresses Bayer’s holistic approach to the seed treatment business, and is the bracket for a unique tailor-made portfolio with a worldwide reach.
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The Bayer SeedGrowth Lounge – well frequented for meetings and social gatherings

Growing plants, growing business

Besides participating in meetings of ISF bodies such as the Seed Applied Technologies Committee, Bayer delegates met with high-level industry representatives, such as Tim Johnson, the President of the International Seed Federation, and Marcel Bruins, its Secretary General, as well as conducting one-to-one talks with countless other stakeholders. Many of these encounters took place in the Bayer SeedGrowth Lounge at the conference venue, and they proved great opportunities to explain the numerous advantages of Bayer SeedGrowth and novel products, such as EverGolTM and EMESTOTM. Bayer SeedGrowth offers comprehensive expertise from a single source to breeders, seed treaters, semi-industrials, retailers, advisors, and farmers. This unique, fully integrated system differentiates Bayer from its competitors and impressively demonstrates that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.  The bottom line for customers is healthier plants and higher yields, enabling them to grow their plants and their Business.