Bayer CropScience at the ISF 2015 in Krakow

You never work alone!

Congresses and trade fairs have one big thing in common: They are always a great opportunity to strengthen business contacts and socialize with important stakeholders. So did this year’s ISF World Seed Congress in Krakow, Poland, at the end of May. Under the slogan “You never work alone,” Bayer CropScience, main sponsor of the event, was present at the ICE Congress Center during the seed industry’s biggest annual gathering.
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“Due to our fourfold expertise in products, equipment, service, and coatings we are always very close to our customers, this is what the competence brand Bayer SeedGrowth is all about,” says Martin Gruss, Global Head SeedGrowth, at Bayer CropScience. “And the ISF is always a highlight in our calendar because it is actually the biggest annual gathering in the seed industry that brings us even closer to our clients.” Listening to their needs and expanding partnerships is key to jointly mastering the seed industry’s challenges of tomorrow. “But the ISF was also a great opportunity for the worldwide operating Bayer SeedGrowth team to come together and swap ideas on seed-applied technologies, showcase the latest achievements in the countries, seek further cross-border cooperation opportunities and discuss current challenges,” he adds.
One of these challenges is the impact of the EU’s NNi restrictions that entered into force as of December 2013. In an interview with a Polish agricultural magazine at the ISF Martin Gruss explained how challenging these restrictions are, not only for the farmers but also for the whole seed industry. “Our main challenge is the acceptance of insecticide treatments with neonicotinoides. We have to emphasize again and again that this is the best technology with the biggest benefits,” he says. “While we all have to work together and promote the safe use of crop protection products and emphasize the importance of stewardship.”

Increased stewardship communication activities

With the catchy motto “You never work alone,” Bayer underlined its stewardship approach at the ISF because stewardship is and has always been an integral part of what Bayer is pursuing every single day. “Although we’ve been working on stewardship for quite some time, we want to support this important topic even more through our communication activities in order to reduce the risk of unwanted potential impacts,” says Matthias Pelm-Lindecke, Global Marketing Communications Manager, Bayer SeedGrowth, who also joined the annual meeting in Krakow. The objective is to keep customers updated about ongoing developments in this field. So it was hardly surprising that Bayer chose to brand the ICE Congress Center with its stewardship slogan and show everybody what SeedGrowth, amongst other things, stands for.
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But the more than 1,300 representatives of the global seed industry not only took the opportunity to exchange views with their customers. The ISF also offered a fantanstic variety of open meetings with well-known speakers and experts, like the “Open Meeting of the Breeders Committee” or the “Open Meeting of the Seed-Applied Technologies Committee”. “I joined the ISF for the very first time this year and was really overwhelmed by how well everything was organized and that we had so many successful business meetings and talks with international seed experts. Besides, we were able to initiate so many new exciting projects. The event really exceeded all my expectations,” says Robert Puhl, Business Development Manager, Bayer SeedGrowth Coatings. “A big thank you goes out to Poland as such a great host.” Asked what impressed him most at the ISF, Björn Hardt, Global Key Account Management, Bayer SeedGrowth, also emphasized the dynamic environment that facilitated so many interesting discussions. “The ISF is always a great place to be for us, it’s the place where we are able to connect to our customers and have dynamic exchanges,” he said.

Good-bye Poland, hello Uruguay

Shortly after the doors of the ICE Congress Center in Krakow had been closed, preparations for the next ISF already started to run at full speed. In 2016 the destination will be Uruguay, more than 11,998 kilometers away from Krakow. “The ISF is such an important event for us because it is a great platform to tell our Bayer SeedGrowth success story to everybody,” says César Lamonega, Asset Director Latin America, at Bayer CropScience. “Next year the event will take place in Uruguay, so it will be kind of a home match for me that I’m really looking forward to,” he adds. In other words: Good-bye Poland, hello Uruguay. See you next year!
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