100 years of Bayer SeedGrowth Coatings

What started as a small French company a century ago is now the heart of innovative film coatings and pelleting technology for farmers all around the globe. In 2015 the Bayer SeedGrowth Coatings site in Méréville, France celebrates its 100th years of expertise and innovation.
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In 1915, the R&D and Production facility, which is now the global center of expertise for Bayer SeedGrowth Coatings, was established in Méréville, 60 kilometers south of Paris. To celebrate its centenary, the site now opened its doors to the public and more than 300 visitors came to learn more about Bayer’s activities in the film coatings industry. As part of the official celebration with numerous guests, including customers, business partners, and representatives of the agricultural community, the visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the rich history of the facility: What once was established as a small local business became a truly global operation over the last 100 years, where a team of dedicated experts is developing innovative film coatings for all major crops such as corn, cereals or soybean.
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Moreover, the Bayer SeedGrowth team gave an overview on current activities in coatings through guided tours of the research and development laboratories, the sugar beet pelleting and coating lines and the field trial station. “The feedback of clients and colleagues was positive. The event was a great opportunity to get new insights in the coatings and pelleting technologies – also for a non-expert audience,” explains Marc Andrieux, Head of SeedGrowth Technology & Services, and director of the Méréville site.

Unveiling of innovations

The anniversary was also used to introduce to the public the latest modernization projects combining innovative technology with energy efficiency: seven new temperature controlled germination cells with a modern LED lighting system were inaugurated during the event. The Méréville site is the first Bayer facility being fully equipped with this state-of-the-art technology. “Besides the technological leap in the quality of the germination conditions and seedling growth, this new technology allows for a radical transformation of our energy performance, as we are going to halve our energy consumption!” says Marc Andrieux.