A new perspective in seed treatment

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Assessing cotton in the field

New, different and unique: Bayer SeedGrowth is a fully integrated and comprehensive system for on-seed applications. The name of our new competence brand in seed treatment says it all: we're totally focused on growing seeds, enabling them to thrive and bring better yields. In this way we're ultimately growing our customers' business.

Added value in seed treatment

The whole is more than the sum of its individual parts: that's the secret of the added value Bayer SeedGrowth offers all stakeholders in the seed treatment business – breeders, seed treaters, semi-industrials, retailers, advisors and of course farmers. By taking a holistic view of the seed treatment business, Bayer SeedGrowth can offer customers added value that will grow their business.

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Bayer SeedGrowth™ Magazine 2017

Get new insights into Bayer SeedGrowth and click trough diverse stories on products, coatings, equipment, and services for the seed treatment sector. Explore the interactive Bayer SeedGrowth Magazine 2017 here

Fourfold competence from a single source – Bayer SeedGrowth is made up of four competence areas:

All-round expertise in seed treatment

This holistic, global perspective is complemented by our local knowledge of crops, climate and other country-specific conditions. The benefits our customers enjoy are based on our fourfold expertise in Products, Services, Coatings and Equipment – the four competence areas that make up Bayer SeedGrowth. Moreover, this all-round expertise is now available from a single source – for the benefit of every seed treatment stakeholder.

Eight persuasive arguments

There are eight good reasons why Bayer SeedGrowth can offer you a unique seed treatment portfolio:

  • More than 100 years of experience in seed treatment
  • Outstanding innovations and heavy investment in R&D
  • Truly committed field personnel
  • 10 Bayer SeedGrowth Centers worldwide
  • Broad range of film coatings, including highly innovative solutions such as Peridiam™
  • Powerful products, e.g. Poncho™ or Gaucho™
  • Just the right seed treatment equipment for every possible application, e.g. On Demand™ system
  • In-depth understanding and knowledge of the entire business, including related topics such as dust-off and stewardship

But above all, what really makes a difference is our passion for seed treatment!

Hands-on approach to seed treatment

Bayer SeedGrowth not only promises a key contribution to healthier plants and higher yields, it also stands for a hands-on approach from a partner who knows the needs, expectations and aspirations of the seed treatment business.