Interview with Peter Ohs, Senior Global Stewardship Manager Bayer SeedGrowth at Bayer Crop Science Division.

Game-changing certification

Why proactive stewardship measures and certification are so important – to Bayer and the whole seed treatment industry

Why is proactive stewardship so important?

“We see Bayer’s responsibility as ensuring that our products are being used safely and contributing to the benefit of people’s lives. It is especially in seed-applied technologies in Europe that our proactive stewardship measures can make a difference. Proactively looking at what is going on with our products in the market and implementing what is necessary to further improve the professionalism in this segment together with our customers is what drives us. This is all about stewardship and why it is so important for us.”

What are the current and future focal points of your stewardship work?

“Regarding seed-applied technology, our current focus is on the implementation of best management practices in seed treatment and sowing. As to the future, one main focal point will be the certification of seed treatment sites.”

Why is certification a key focal point?

“Certification increases transparency and monitors the implementation of stewardship measures. And certification is proven by independent certification bodies. My personal opinion is that certification of seed treatment sites is the best way of demonstrating professionalism in this field – it’s the measure that ensures we all keep our license to sell. Certification has the potential to change the game!”

Stewardship Principles

It´s all about professionalism

Why is stewardship so important to Bayer CropScience? The answer, says Peter Ohs, Senior Global Stewardship Manager, is that proactive stewardship makes a significant contribution to sustainable agriculture from field to shelf, as well as underlining the company’s professionalism and responsibility to protect human health and the environment, and to ensure product integrity.more

Bee Health

Five-Point Action Plan

Bayer’s commitment to bee health.more