Five-Point Action Plan for Bee Health

1. Significant scale-up of pollen-rich flowering field margins across the EU to provide essential habitat and nutrition for bees.
2. Support for the establishment of a comprehensive field-monitoring program for bee health, including the detection of neonicotinoid crop protection products – particularly in maize, oilseed rape, sunflower, and cotton.
3. Implementation of strict measures to mitigate the exposure risk for bees.
4. Investment in, and implementation of, new technologies to further reduce dust emissions from the planting of seed treated with neonicotinoid crop protection products.
5. Further investment in the research and development of new solutions for the main factors impacting bee health (including parasites and viruses) and establishment of area-wide, long-term pilot studies to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Stewardship Principles

It´s all about professionalism

Why is stewardship so important to Bayer CropScience? The answer, says Peter Ohs, Senior Global Stewardship Manager, is that proactive stewardship makes a significant contribution to sustainable agriculture from field to shelf, as well as underlining the company’s professionalism and responsibility to protect human health and the environment, and to ensure product integrity.more

Interview with Peter Ohs

Game-changing certification

Why proactive stewardship measures and certification are so important – to Bayer and the whole seed treatment industrymore