Meeting demands of the market

Part of the whole

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A vertical organization that provides Central and Eastern Europe with food: This is the ambitious goal of the Bonafarm Group. High-quality seeds are the foundation to growing enough crops and producing these large amounts of food. One of the companies Bonafarm trusts to provide these is Bóly Seed Company. They, in turn, rely on Bayer SeedGrowth™ to tackle this challenge.
About Bóly Seed:
  • Established in Bóly in 1958 (200 kilometers south of Budapest)
  • Part of the Bonafarm Group (consisting of agricultural and food processing enterprises)
  • Employees: 80 (200 in peak season)
  • Treated seeds 8,000 tons of hybrid corn, 4,000 tons of cereals, 1,500 tons of soybeans (annually)
  • Processed seeds 10,000 tons of hybrid corn, 6,000 tons of cereals, 5,000 tons of soybeans (annually)
“The Bonafarm Group is a vertical organization consisting of agricultural and food processing enterprises,” says Katrin Potz, Plant Manager at Bóly Seed Company. The agricultural production activities of the Bonafarm Group can be divided into two parts. First, its agricultural companies produce the crops needed to feed livestock and the industrial crops for sale and also tend to farm animals. And second, its own raw materials are added to high-quality market ingredients to produce tasty meat, dairy products, and wines. Bóly Seed is one of the four agricultural companies that produce the majority of these raw materials.
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Treating like clockwork

“Today, the plant itself processes large quantities of seeds for a variety of crops,” explains Katrin. In terms of numbers, this means that between 15,000 and 20,000 tons of seeds are treated in the Bóly plant every year. During peak season, the 200 employees work the plant’s four production lines in three shifts.
“For high-quality seeds, we need good treatment equipment. Bayer provides us with that and supports us in every regard.”

Katrin Potz, Plant Manager at Bóly Seed Company, Hungary

This means that if any of the treating equipment malfunctions, it not only impacts the quality of the treated seed at that moment but can also disturb further processes at the plant which endangers the treatment results and can become very expensive. “We really depend on the consultations carried out by Bayer,” says Katrin. “Our relationship is all about being in constant contact, even if just by telephone. Basically, someone is there for us at all times, whenever we have a question.”
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And this someone is Csaba Csorba, Key Account Manager for Bayer SeedGrowth in Hungary. His goal is to talk to his customers on at least a weekly basis, especially during peak season, “to cover upcoming issues and address any problems.”

Innovative by tradition

But it’s not just potential problems Bóly Seed needs help with. “One of the main challenges in our plant is to constantly be able to meet the growing demands involved with supplying high-quality seeds,” reports Katrin. This means there has to be constant development and improvement of the seed quality. Bayer always keeps the company informed about new and suitable products, their effects, and how Bóly Seed might be able to use these products to improve its seeds.
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And the relationship with Bayer goes back a long way. Not as long as the company has existed (it has been around sincen1958, when the first hybrid corn dryer was created), but since 1994, when Katrin became active in the seed business and established contact with Bayer. And when she started working for Bóly Seed in 2009, she brought her good connections with her. “If we have questions that need to be resolved on-site, then our Bayer representative is always right there,” Katrin explains.

Meeting the demands of the market

Another challenge Bóly Seed encounters is making sure it has the right quantities on hand, whenever they are needed. “We need to be flexible in production so that we have the right quantities on hand at the right time,” confirms Katrin. The problem exists because the market has changed in such a way that orders are no longer placed in advance. Instead, the company has to be able to quickly respond to specific orders and has to treat smaller quantities of seeds in a short amount of time.
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In addition to receiving advice and support, Bayer provides Bóly Seed with high-quality products. “The climatic and soil conditions here are very good for growing plants, which is why the location is well suited for seed production,” says Katrin. Nevertheless, they also use LAMARDOR™ and YUNTA™ QUATTRO seed treatment products to effectively protect the seeds against harmful pests and diseases that attack the young plants, like virus-transmitting aphids, covered and loose smut, fusarium root rot, and other pathogenic fungi.
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