Optimizing processes – together

The quality offensive

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7,000 metric tons. This is how many tons of seeds are treated at the Nordsaat Saatzucht GmbH seed treatment plants every year. The aim? A consistently high quality. But it is not just the correct treatment products that the company needs for this. The equipment needs to be right too. And it has to be handled correctly. Bayer SeedGrowth™ can provide comprehensive service and perfect products, and together with Nordsaat it guarantees the highest quality to satisfy every standard.
Nordsaat Saatzucht GmbH
  • Leading company in grain cultivation in Europe
  • Commercial focus is the development of varieties of the following types of grain: winter wheat, winter barley, winter triticale, summer barley, and oatEmployees: 67
  • Bayer products in use: EfA™, Baytan™, Mobil™
Only the best is good enough – this is the principle of Nordsaat Saatzucht GmbH when it comes to its seeds. “Our customers are very demanding,” says Guido R. Pinno, Commercial Director of the company. “We want to offer first-class seed quality.” But that sounds easier than it is. The greatest challenge is to constantly optimize and adjust the seed treatment process and, of course, always achieve the same quality even under the different conditions that you come across in a year.
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In order to ensure this, it is essential to constantly question and optimize your own processes. Varying environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and severe fluctuations in the weather as well as differences in the seed itself make this considerably more difficult. Seeds are natural products.
“We have had a service relationship with Norbert de Baey for more than 20 years. We know that we always get sound advice from him.”

Guido R. Pinno, Commercial Director at Nordsaat Saatzucht GmbH, Germany

Optimizing processes

How can the Nordsaat team resolve this problem? “Naturally the focus is on preparing the seed,” says Pinno. “The process must undergo constant quality controls because only excellent and high-quality seed can be optimized later on as desired in the seed treatment process.” This requires a low dust content and the knowledge of how much water and product the seed can absorb. It is only once this is in place that Nordsaat can set the exact mixing times and product quantities for the seed treatment process.
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Enjoying competent support

His team enjoys competent support from Bayer SeedGrowth expert Norbert de Baey, who helps solve all these problems. For 20 years he has been regularly visiting the four seed treatment stations at Nordsaat – and has been there to support the approximately 15 employees working in seed production in every step of the seed treatment process.
“Bayer offers its customers a high level of service. Particularly during the season, I’m available for my customers 24/7,” says de Baey. The aim is to work together to achieve the highest quality possible – which is a challenge for the whole sector – and guarantee compliance with all the standards.
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All-inclusive package

Support starts long before the actual seed treatment process. “We have a basic recipe, and before or at the start of the season we carry out a sample seed treatment to ensure that the quality is right,” says Pinno. Then Nordsaat sends the samples to the Bayer test laboratory. This is where the Heubach value, which measures dust abrasion, is calculated. “Once we have the results, we readjust the whole process once again and possibly change the mix, coating, or water content. Norbert de Baey supports and advises us in this.”

Testing new products

And it becomes even more difficult when new products come into play. In the 2016 seed treatment season, Nordsaat used Baytan™ 3 for the first time, a product to protect against fungal infections. The company carried out a test seed treatment with Bayer’s support. “We wanted to see whether the product suited our site here, whether our employees could work well with it, and whether there were any potential problems,” explains de Baey.
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In addition, the concentration of the coating additives was optimally set in order to ensure perfect seed treatment. Pinno is hugely enthusiastic about this support: “We use the complete service package that is on offer. These investigations, which are free of charge, the personal support on-site, and the exchange of knowledge on technical questions as equals are the reason why we – as well as other companies – place our trust in Bayer.”
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