Peak-level performance in seed treatment

Faster. Higher. Stronger.

Absolutely dedicated to our customers’ business and totally focused on their success: Bayer SeedGrowth provides fourfold competence for every player in the seed treatment value chain. Whether they choose high-quality coatings, innovative products, powerful equipment, outstanding service and advice or combine them to suit their specific needs – our customers always benefit from a stable foundation that makes every single seed perform best. And that leads to stronger plants, higher yields and faster business growth.

One holistic approach for every seed treatment discipline

To give crops the best possible start, we combined our expertise in seed treatment into one strong team and one fully integrated system that offers added value for all stakeholders in the seed treatment business. So face the challenges of modern sustainable agriculture, trust in Bayer SeedGrowth, and make your seeds perform best – our unique brand provides fourfold competence from a single source: