Bayer SeedGrowth visited corn farmers in the US

“What you want to have is the most protection on that seed going into spring.”

In late 2013, we took a tour through the corn belt of the United States and met farmers, seed breeders, advisors and other experts involved in corn growing. They gave us fascinating insights into their business and their daily lives. They shared with us their passion about farming, and we could feel that for them working on their farm is so much more than just a job, it is what they were meant to be. Take a look at the videos and meet some of these inspiring people who are really dedicated to feeding a growing population and taking good care of their land. Discover how Bayer SeedGrowth can play a vital part in their business of growing corn in the early development stage where the plant sets the base for the yield potential.

Bayer SeedGrowth – For those who love to yield

Find out what we learnt about corn farming when we visited growers in Illinois in the late summer of 2013. Get to know their hardest challenges and their greatest rewards, feel their pride and dedication! At Bayer SeedGrowth, we constantly make sure we understand our customers’ needs, hence we can support them in the best possible way.

Expert Talk #1 – Maximum yields require maximum plant health

Seed breeders and other experts talk about the importance of strong protection of the corn plant in the young seedling stage - and how this affects yields at the end of the growing season.

Expert Talk #2 – Knowledge and trust are key to success

Find out what farmers and seed dealers say about the need of having trusted partnerships to keep track with all the innovation we see today. We at Bayer understand that the latest information and good service is key for our customers. Reliability is what we stand for.

Expert Talk #3 – Contributing to a greater cause

Learn how farmers and seed breeders see their role in feeding the world - and why fall is the season they often enjoy the most.

Expert Talk #4 – What sustainability really means

Meet corn farmers - and learn that sustainability is much more for them than just a modern buzz word. Find out what they would like to share with the people from the big cities being worried about the quality of their food and the technologies used today.

Expert Talk #5 – Changes and chances in corn farming

See how farmers have experienced the technological changes in agriculture over the past years and how this has made their job easier. Learn how they see the role of modern seed treatments and find out which trends they foresee in the future.

Expert Talk #6 – Farming: It’s just a great way of life

Get to know a couple of farmers - and find out what they love most about taking care of their land. Listen to their childhood memories and hear about their wishes for their own children.

Expert Talk #7 – How seed treatments impact corn farming

The role of seed treatments has changed a lot over the years. While pest and disease protection is the basis, some products can do much more today. Learn from seed breeders, agronomists and advisors about the influence of seed treatments on the root system and the uniformity of their stands and the impact on planting time.