Seed treatment equipment

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Demonstration and training on Bayer SeedGrowth™ equipment during a training course

We are the only Life Science company anywhere in the world to manufacture and market its own application equipment. This makes a holistic perspective on seed treatment equipment possible and brings huge practical benefits to seed treaters and farmers all over the world. What’s more, our comprehensive Bayer SeedGrowth™ Equipment portfolio covers all the world’s commercial crops and seed treatment segments: industrial applications, semi-mobile downstream applications, on-farm equipment and autonomous mobile systems. Whatever the application solution – a single packaged system or customized elements to suit specific needs – the innovative nature and high quality of this equipment help grow a seed treater's business. 
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All kinds of seed treatment equipment

We offer seed treatment equipment ranging in technological sophistication from state-of-the-art computerized and on-demand seed treatment machinery to basic mobile systems:

  • Continuous flow drum treating machines
  • Batch treating machines
  • Peripheral equipment

Our portfolio contains seed treatment equipment for all the world's commercial crops and indeed every type of seed. Moreover, the added value that comes from top-quality seed treatment (from high-end to basic) and custom-designed solutions to suit specific needs is particularly appreciated in farming communities all over the world.

All seed treatment segments covered

The Bayer SeedGrowth Equipment portfolio contains machinery to cater for specific user needs in all product segments:


Our stationary equipment featuring sophisticated electronics can be tied to plant process control systems.


Our semi-mobile downstream equipment and continuous flow treaters provide more accurate application control and greater payback potential when applying high-value seed treatments. Corn farmers in Colombia are a good example of how growers benefit from one of our downstream seed treatment solutions. In Colombia the corn seed is often pretreated elsewhere, for example in Mexico, and shipped to Colombia in bags. There the seed is treated with a particular insecticide to combat a pest specific to that country. Our semi-mobile downstream equipment enables this corn seed to be treated bag by bag at locations close to the farms in Colombia.

On-farm equipment:

This kind of seed treatment equipment is particularly used for treating cereal seed in Australia, Canada and the USA, where the farms are so big that it is economically viable to deploy seed treatment systems on each farm.

Small mobile systems:

These autonomous back-of-a-truck solutions – basic application equipment plus a power generator – are driven from farm to farm to treat the seed on small farms in countries such as Nicaragua.  

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Regular training on application technology to ensure quality seed treatment

Customized application solutions

The seed treatment equipment Bayer SeedGrowth offers is made up of five process components: storage and transfer; delivery and metering of seed; delivery and application of treatment; mixing and blending; and dust containment. These process elements can be provided in a single packaged system or customized to specific application needs by seamlessly combining different equipment components. The continuous systems are calibrated to allow treatments at predefined rates, allowing seed and treatment flow rates to be manually or electronically monitored and adjusted. Batch systems deliver a predetermined batch size into a mixing chamber, which allows the treatment product to be blended in the chamber and applied in a batch.

Equipment improving your seeds

You want to learn more about us and our Equipment? Compare and contrast seed treatment machines using the Bayer SeedGrowth® Equipment Catalogue. Machines for all major seeds and segments, and every crop or customer-specific application.

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Growing business

Our long heritage in innovative seed treatment equipment and the high quality of our machinery are both significant factors in growing a seed treater’s business – anywhere in the world.