Seed-applied technologies

Maximizing seed value

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Bayer SeedGrowth® Coatings optimizes seed performance by offering coating technologies for improved flowability, sowability, and adhesion as well as differentiation through coloring.

Our seed coatings can point to decades of leading-edge experience and outstanding expertise in seed-applied technologies, such as seed coatings, and fluency powders to name just a few. At our dedicated facility in Méréville, France, our R&D team develops new and innovative seed-applied technologies and tackles challenges such as germination and dust control – both in the lab and on the field. Agronomic evaluations are carried out to test flowability, sowability, and field emergence; following this, the in-house Heubach dust meter is used to analyze dust emissions.
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Furthermore, since all the seed-applied technologies are manufactured to the highest possible standards at Méréville, growers all over the world can be sure of uniformly high quality from Bayer. “None of our seed coatings leaves our facility without the permission of our quality control team,” says Markus Borkowski, Marketing and Sales Manager for Bayer SeedGrowth Coatings. “These people ensure compliance with the highest quality standards and really everyone is working to ensure that the seeds perform best.”
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Benefits of Bayer SeedGrowth Coatings

  • Uniform seed treatment application for optimum coverage
  • Improved adhesion and coverage so all beneficial additives stay on the seed
  • Protection of operators and beneficials from dust with emissions reduced by up to 95 percent
  • Branding and visual differentiation through coloring
  • Improved flowability in the planting equipment and sowability on the farm

Peridiam seed coatings at a glance:

  • Bayer has restructured its Peridiam seed coatings portfolio
  • Each line has its special features to meet customer’s unique demands
  • Customers can rely on Peridiam seed coatings to deliver proven performance, quality and value-adding innovation