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Delivering good equipment is one key ingredient to making your customers happy. But what’s the other? Excellent service, of course. This is why Bayer SeedGrowth™ started a customer service initiative in the United States to improve the quality and speed of their service.

In Brief:

  • Bayer employees in the US use ServiceMax to further improve customer service
  • ServiceMax works with time stamps that exactly measure time of required service
  • The IT platform is based on a cloud solution by Salesforce
The tool for handling such a service initiative is ServiceMax, a new software program to help everyone involved in delivering the best care to clients. “Not supporting our equipment with the best service would result in unmet customer expectations, customer dissatisfaction, and decreased loyalty,” says Peter Herold, Global Head Bayer SeedGrowth Equipment at Crop Science, a division of Bayer. “So, with ServiceMax, we aim to improve customer confidence in our equipment and help them as quickly and as well as we can.”

Maintain, fix, and service Bayer SeedGrowth machines

The IT platform ServiceMax is used by Bayer employees working in customer service. It contains all relevant data on every machine, including its location, what kind of equipment it is, which parts are in it, which warranties are associated with it, and which vendors are involved. “Our customers have very short peak seasons,” explains Peter Herold. “If their machines break during this period of time, they face an enormous loss. So it is extremely important to help them as quickly as possible.”

Flexible, easy to use, effective

The main improvements are the exact metrics that can be measured now. ServiceMax works with time stamps that measure exactly how long it takes Bayer to solve a problem, how long the customer’s machine was down, and how quickly the service team responded to their enquiry. For this purpose, a specially designed mobile app can be accessed by technicians everywhere, even if they are in the field working on a machine. They can update their availability, add notes to a work order, and solve cases from wherever they are.

And technicians are not the only ones to profit from the enabling of mobile devices; service employees are available wherever they are and when a customer calls they can run a search by phone number and open the correct records within the system – saving time and eliminating the need to ask the customer a list of questions. “A great benefit of ServiceMax is its ability to adapt to individual needs. Today we are working with it in the US and Brazil, tomorrow we want to expand it to New Zealand, and then across the world,” says Peter Herold about ServiceMax’s possibilities.
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How should I use my machines? This (and other questions) get answered by Bayer equipment experts – just one part of our big service initiative.

Tailored to needs

ServiceMax’s revamp last fall was just the last step in a long series of ongoing improvements that have allowed the program to achieve its full potential. Based on a cloud solution by Salesforce, it accommodates several different roles, for instance technicians, customer service employees, external partners, and administrators. “The upgrades we made came directly from our customers,” says Leah Brooks, a development specialist working on ServiceMax. “We regularly take surveys to find out what our customers really want and try to accommodate that.” For example: faster dispatch of spare parts. Now, order placement and inventory can be managed directly through ServiceMax. Technicians view the current inventory levels of their trucks and consumables on work orders, the internal support can place orders for customers directly through the software, and the warehouse can update quantities and prices either individually or in bulk as needed. That speeds up the process immeasurably.
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