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December 2017

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Protecting seeds from pests, diseases, nematodes – that’s what Bayer SeedGrowth™ solutions are for, as well as for enhancing crop efficiency. They enable plants to develop to their full genetic potential by ensuring healthy crop establishment. They contribute to higher yields in this way, and that helps grow farmers’ businesses.

In Brief:

  • Providing seed companies in the Asia-Pacific region with Routine™ Start
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Rice seed treatments provide higher yields for rice farmers in Asia.

Asia-Pacific region: Rice on the rise

Benefits for growers and society: that’s what Bayer wants to achieve with rice seed treatment in the Asia-Pacific region. That’s why it’s providing seed companies with high-quality products like Routine Start. The aim is to help them deliver seeds with protection against rice blast disease. The farmers that use these seeds are able to produce a larger quantity of healthy rice seedlings, which give the plant a better start for higher crop yields. “Rice seed treatment with Bayer products is not the standard seed disinfection with simple fungicides, but a real protection of seeds and seedlings during at least the first 60 days after sowing,” explains Casper van Rooijen, Segment Manager for rice. The progress is obvious: Routine Start was first launched in 2016 in Malaysia and has received positive feedback from farmers regarding yield results and convenience. In Japan, we just launched a slightly different rice seed treatment product. The next country on the list is Vietnam, where launch activities will start next year. “These are very diverse production environments,” Casper van Rooijen explains. “Because of that, training activities to create awareness among rice growers and showing them the positive effects in demonstration trials are critical in establishing this new technology in rice production.”

And the positive effects are numerous. Routine Start makes the rice plant resistant to rice blast, the world’s most economically significant rice disease. In combination with special seed coatings, Bayer can give assurance that dry-treated seeds can be soaked the normal way before planting. That means that no change in the traditional cropping system is needed. As Casper van Rooijen says, “Bayer can offer everything rice growers need and has global expertise in seed-applied technology. Who else is better positioned to continue developing this segment?”
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