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August 2017


PERIDIAM™: Coating solutions for challenging treatment demands around the globe

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Bayer SeedGrowth™ seed coatings are now available in three new lines. Customers will recognize at first glance which product is the most suitable for their treatment conditions.
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Improved plantability is one of the key features of Peridiam seed coatings.

In Brief

  • Bayer has restructured its Peridiam seed coatings portfolio
  • Each line has its special features to meet customer’s unique demands
  • Customers can rely on Peridiam seed coatings to deliver proven performance, quality and value-adding innovation
  • According to a poll, choosing the right product – including time investment – is very important
“The right product, at the right place, for the right effect – for some customers it is challenging to find the seed coating which best suits their individual conditions,” says Marc Andrieux, Global Head Bayer SeedGrowth Technology, Services, and Coatings. According to a Bayer survey conducted at the European Seed Association (ESA) annual meeting in Rome, three quarters of those polled said that the right choice of products, including time investment, is “important” to “very important” for them.
Thus, Bayer SeedGrowth has decided to restructure its portfolio, which consists of 40 different Peridiam products in three major lines: Quality, Extra, and Active. The ultimate goal is that clients will be able to identify what they are looking for at first glance; the numbering behind the line names will further help them to differentiate which version suits their crop. Further, Bayer customers can rely on high-quality state-of-the-art products. The ESA study revealed that reliability is one of the most important key features that they are looking for in seed coatings. “Our customers benefit from the proven quality and reliability of our products,” underlines Marc Andrieux. “We don’t only sell products, we also have the people providing support and expertise.”
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Peridiam seed coatings from Bayer are continuously improved.

Excellent sowing efficacy

In the Quality line, plantability is one of the key features, especially as sowing speed is steadily increasing. “Imagine a grower wants to plant 24 rows,” says Marc Andrieux. “A field is not a tennis court, the surface is not flat. If you do not have high-quality treated seeds it can easily happen that some seeds are missing or two are planted in one space.” These scenarios will not happen with seeds that have been treated with Peridiam seed coatings from Bayer because they offer proven performance and trusted quality. “They flow well and Bayer researchers have developed a product that reduces dust at a cutting-edge level,” explains the expert. Furthermore, they also preserve high efficacy at the plant level: seed coating quality ensures that the Bayer SeedGrowth products – which protect the seedling from pests and diseases, for instance – adhere well onto the seed surface.

For exceptional needs – such as treating frozen seeds – Bayer developed seed coatings for the Extra line. “It was challenging to develop a liquid that does not freeze while treating ice cold seeds,” explains Marc Andrieux. The formulation also needs to have high adherence because the seed surface tends to experience higher abrasion. This feature is especially needed in China, where the seeds are treated during the extremely cold winter time. “Moreover, customers pay a lot of attention to an attractive visual appearance and color intensity. At the same time, it is guaranteed that the treated seeds flow well through the planting machines.”

Boosting effect on early plant growth

Bayer SeedGrowth offers seed coatings in the Active line that include additional components. “At the moment, the addition of micronutrients to our formulation results in a boosting effect on early plant development and ensures the best conditions for the plant to develop in its first growing stages,” says the treatment specialist. In Poland, this concept has already been successful. Apart from other positive features of seed coatings, such as strong adherence, flowability, and dust reduction, growers benefit from more resistant young plants. In future, Bayer SeedGrowth plans to add biologicals into the formulations as well. This will bring crop enhancement to the field, which will result in higher yields and the plants will be more resistant to weather extremes such as drought or cold – important features as the consequences of climate change affect farms further.
“I am proud that we can offer our clients effective solutions for various challenging treatment demands around the globe,” states Marc Andrieux. “Restructuring our seed coatings portfolio is an important step in constantly improving our service according to our clients’ needs.”
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Bayer SeedGrowth has decided to restructure its portfolio, which consists of 40 different Peridiam products in three major lines: Quality, Extra, and Active.

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