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April 2015

Interview with Marc Andrieux

Safety first

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Sowability, flowability and dust control are three challenges the industry for seed-applied technologies has to master today. Bayer SeedGrowth Coatings steps up to the plate. The facility, based in Méréville, France, is specialized in developing new seed coatings. Read why Marc Andrieux, Bayer CropScience Head of SeedGrowth Technology & Services, Coatings, is so positive about coatings and why they are such an important factor when it comes to sustainable agricultural practices and product stewardship.
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Mr. Andrieux, why do seed coatings and product stewardship go together?

Marc Andrieux: “ When we talk about stewardship we also need to talk about dust. Dust always accompanies seeds. One example of how stewardship is practiced at Bayer comes from the company’s successful efforts to limit dust-off through improved formulation, through tailor-made film coatings and their professional use by our customers.”

Could you please describe this in a little more detail?

Marc Andrieux: “We want to keep all the product on the seed. Seed coatings themselves are designed to be versatile, they need to be compatible with the other products applied to the seed. In the end, we want the final product to be safe for the seed, safe for the operator and safe for the environment.”

How would you summarize the benefits of coatings in just one sentence?

Marc Andrieux: “The idea in the end is that the farmer can simply plant the seed, everything needed for the seed to grow well will remain on the seed surface and flow precisely into the ground. That is in fact the big benefit of seed coatings.”
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Dust comparison of treated wheat seed in a laboratory

Are there any new developments in the pipeline?

Marc Andrieux: “When we develop new products we try to consider the needs of the global market. And we see there is a need for even more film coatings with even more functions. That’s why we plan to launch ten to fifteen new film coating products over the next five years. These new solutions will include products targeted for small grains, corn, rice, and soybean.”
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