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April 2013

Integrated soybean solutions


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The only way is up for Brazilian soybeans. Huge increases in acreage have opened up new business opportunities for enterprising farmers. Licensed multiplier cooperatives support big seed companies in meeting the demand for quality seed. And Bayer SeedGrowth™ has tied an integrated package to help stakeholders benefit from industrial seed treatment.
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Good harvest of soybeans

“Hey man! These seeds look fantastic!” Ricardo Otranto, SeedGrowth Service Manager, Bayer CropScience Brazil, loves to hear such enthusiastic exclamations triggered by what he calls the Bayer seeds’ “wow factor”. His demonstration of what Bayer technology can do to improve on low-tech treatment processes is an eye-opener to the group of farmers, dealers and multipliers who have gathered in the Bayer SeedGrowth Center in Paulínia, São Paulo. Ricardo Otranto’s mission today is to highlight what he and his team can do to help them to set up a successful and sustainable industrial seed treatment business with high standards of stewardship.

All-inclusive service from the start

“Our service starts at the customer’s premises.”

Ricardo Otranto, Bayer SeedGrowth Service Manager Brazil

Ricardo explains that the first technical visit serves to define the project, determine the suitable type of treatment system, and work out stewardship details, such as protective clothing for operators and safe disposal of empty containers. On their next visit, the team installs the equipment and starts up the machine. Before the actual seed treatment begins, the future operators will spend two days at the SeedGrowth Center and train for the season. “This is important,” he explains, “because they need to be able to operate the relevant machines properly.” The Bayer team will then return to the customer site for the initial start-up, calibrating the pumps to guarantee utmost precision.
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Laboratory testing to ensure optimum quality

All through the season, the technicians will stay in touch and on call if there are any doubts, problems, or questions. In addition, ongoing quality controls help customers to maintain initial quality standards over the subsequent months. And a new remote assistance function introduced in 2012 gives the team in Paulínia direct access to a customer’s treatment software, saving precious time when things get tight.

Innovative seed treatment equipment

“Bayer supplies the Brazilian market with our most innovative equipment.”

Ricardo Otranto, Bayer SeedGrowth Service Manager Brazil

Ricardo demonstrates the functional features of batch treaters to his visitors. “These machines are completely automated and offer operator safety, quality of treatment, and application precision – getting the dosage rate right, seed-by-seed.” By watching Ricardo work the batch treater, the customers can see how easy it is to operate: The raw product comes in 1,000-liter intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and does not have to be handled manually. Ricardo just connects the IBC to the station and the machine takes over the whole seed treatment process. The visitors are impressed, but there is still one concern to be addressed: “Where will I get the spare parts for your U.S.-made equipment?” a multiplier from a remote part of Southern Brazil wants to know. This is another moment Ricardo enjoys: “The spare parts are available whenever you need them,” he says, opening the door to a well-stocked warehouse.

Fourfold competence in seed treatment

The integrated Bayer SeedGrowth value proposition, propelled by the four competence areas of Products, Coatings, Equipment and Service, has been eagerly adopted by the Brazilian soy community. Stefan Sachau, the Global Segment Manager SeedGrowth for Soybeans, explains why: “This ’Made for Brazil’ solution is attractive to all stakeholders. Multipliers can expand their business by offering professional SeedGrowth solutions for their valuable seed varieties, farmers get ’convenience seed’ they can start sowing right away, and the increased efficiency helps Brazil to meet the growing food and feed requirements of an increasing world population.”
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A customer visiting the Bayer SeedGrowth™ Center in Brazil

Seed-applied technologies

“What about coating technology?” a customer from the Brazilian Mid-West wants to know. After all, soybeans are a difficult crop to treat since they will not accept a lot of moisture. “Our coatings are manufactured by Bayer in Europe,” Ricardo answers. “Our specialists in Méréville, France, have developed crop-by-crop solutions, including drying powders – talcum gloss – that are applied on the soybean treatment.” The result is a formulation that ensures excellent flowability, plantability, dust control, coverage, and stickability of the respective seed treatment.

Expertise in seed treatment products

When it comes to the dynamics of pests and diseases, Ricardo is supported by Siegfrid Baumann, the SeedGrowth Product Manager in Brazil. Siegfrid highlights the latest regional pressure and resistance data for sucking pests and lepidoptera, and talks about the increasing significance of nematodes, as well as newly emerging fungal diseases that require new control approaches.

“Bayer has been an expert in crop protection products for 121 years. This expertise is the basis for our seed treatments. We offer safe-to-the-seed formulas with efficient active ingredients to cover today’s pests and diseases.”

Siegfrid Baumann, SeedGrowth Product Manager Brazil

Seed enhanced with CropStarTM protects crops against yield-sapping pests

For example, the most important Bayer insecticide for soybeans in Brazil, CropStar™, controls all important pests on this crop, including soil and sucking pests, lepidoptera and nematodes, and offers additional plant health benefits: “CropStar’s ’anti-stress power’ stimulates the plant metabolism, giving the young plant more vigor and stronger resistance,” Siegfrid adds. Two well-proven Bayer fungicides for seed treatment – Derosal Plus and Atento – help the Brazilian soy community to manage key diseases, including the destructive soybean rust.
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