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September 2016

Spotlight Latin America

Growing optimism

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“Increasing demand for treated seeds and further adoption of technology are major trends in Latin America,” says César Lamonega, Regional Head Bayer SeedGrowth™ Latin America. Bayer is partnering with about 100 seed treaters in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Mexico and Uruguay – including seed companies as well as multipliers. For these partners service is key.
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César Lamonega, Regional Head Bayer SeedGrowth Latin America

Señor Lamonega, Erro and Kilafen are just two Bayer partners in Uruguay in the field of seed treatment. How many companies is Bayer collaborating with in Latin America?

César Lamonega: “At the moment, we are partnering with around 100 seed treaters in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Mexico, and Uruguay, all of which are either seed companies or multipliers. Our partnership is mostly about our integrated offering of coatings and products, equipment, and service, which is very important. We have two kinds of customers: On the one hand, seed companies that own the genetics, and on the other hand, multipliers who work with them. Erro and Kilafen are two examples of the latter.”



Why do companies choose Bayer as their partner?

César Lamonega: “Because we are the only company in the market that delivers all four competencies from a single source. We have cutting-edge technology products and coatings; we have our own equipment; and we have service, which is key. Take, for example, Erro and Kilafen. It is not enough to put equipment in a company. Once it is installed, the companies need to ensure that the seed is treated properly to get the best out of the products and coatings they use. That is why they need assistance, training, and technical support. Furthermore, if something breaks down in the middle of the treatment campaign and the operator cannot fix it, help in such a crisis is at hand. At such hectic moments, the faster the customer gets a solution the better. Bayer can provide fast responses and even equipment parts in no time at all.”

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Demand for professionally treated seed is an unstoppable trend,” explains César Lamonega

Erro has been able to increase sales of treated seed within four years from zero to 45 %. How do you assess the demand for treated seed in the market?

César Lamonega: “Demand for professionally treated seed is an unstoppable trend. Erro treats most of the seed with fungicides or insecticides, and a smaller proportion with inoculants. In many cases, the growers used to treat the seed by themselves, but they increasingly appreciate buying ready-to-plant seed. Erro and other companies have been very efficient in demonstrating to growers the value of industrial or commercially treated seeds.”



Looking at the Latin American market in general: What are the main trends in the near future?

César Lamonega: “First of all, we see an increasing adoption of technology in Latin America. For example in Argentina, the planting area has not increased but the yields have risen dramatically due to the use of technology. This also applies to Brazil and several other countries. Secondly, I see further efforts to develop seeds with the best genetic potential in terms of high yields and resilience against abiotic stress. This year, the overall picture for Latin America is much better than in 2015, because the conditions in some countries are improving. In Argentina, the new government will hopefully improve the overall investment climate. In recent years, Argentinian growers had to pay export taxes, which have since been removed. So there is optimism that growers will invest more.”



Finally a personal question, how was it having the ISF World Seed Congress just around the corner in Uruguay?

César Lamonega: “It was just great to have it here. We were able to show the growers in the region what we at Bayer can do to support them with our technology in protecting their investment in high-quality seed. We are the only company that is a one-stop provider – with the products, coatings, equipment, and service.”

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