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May 2014

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A year after the launch of Bayer SeedGrowth, this competence brand has been successfully launched around the world. The response from customers and other stakeholders has generally been very positive. Luis Eduardo Salomão from the Brazilian company Sementes Goiás (Rio Verde-GO) is one of these satisfied customers: “Our goal is to deliver the best seed with the best treatment, and Bayer is our partner.”

We talked to Matthias Pelm-Lindecke, the Global Marketing Communications Manager responsible for Bayer SeedGrowth, and Luis Henrique Feijó, the Bayer SeedGrowth Manager for Brazil, about developments over the past year.

Matthias Pelm-Lindecke (left) and
Luis Henrique Feijó

In which countries has Bayer SeedGrowth been launched?

Matthias Pelm-Lindecke: The concept behind Bayer SeedGrowth's four-fold competence is a truly global concept – just as the brand itself is. We started rolling it out to a large group of international partners at the 2013 ISF Congress in Athens and followed that with numerous local launches. China was one of the first launches and India one of the most recent – in April 2014. India, in particular, is a hugely important seed market, now and in the future. Now we are pushing hard to create awareness and acceptance for the Bayer SeedGrowth competence brand all round the world.

What changes has Bayer SeedGrowth brought about?

Matthias Pelm-Lindecke: This brand finally expresses what Bayer has been doing for quite a while – combining competencies in products, coatings, equipment and services to create the best and most holistic solutions for our various partners and customers in the value chain. We had discovered that it was not clear to everyone just how Bayer can support their business, but we are changing that now.

What kind of impact has Bayer SeedGrowth had?

Matthias Pelm-Lindecke: Since the launch, Bayer SeedGrowth has developed from a mere concept to a real-life brand, and is now having a significant impact on markets all over the world. It has positively altered the intention of discussions along the value chain so that participants are now looking for more holistic solutions to problems rather than discussing single parts of a whole. And, by being much louder than we were before, we have created more interest in initiating these discussions with us.

Luis Henrique Feijó: From my experience in Brazil I can confirm what Matthias has just said. The response to the introduction of Bayer SeedGrowth was very positive. During the XVIII Brazilian Seed Congress, Bayer SeedGrowth was launched at a specially arranged event on 16 September 2013. We had around 150 customers and partners there, including seed multipliers, representatives of cooperatives and other industry stakeholders, as well as officials from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. Their reaction was certainly very positive. It was clear that our customers see Bayer SeedGrowth as the most complete solutions package for seed treatment.

How can a brand like Bayer SeedGrowth impact on the business of Bayer customers?

Matthias Pelm-Lindecke: The added value this fully integrated approach brings has already helped to grow customers' business in countries all over the world. Farmers, for example, are profiting from the expertise and experience Bayer brings to bear in enabling plants to thrive to their full genetic potential and ensuring the best possible crop establishment. That results in healthier, stronger plants and higher yields.

Have you done any research into customer reactions?

Luis Henrique Feijó: Following on from the launch, we conducted a survey among our customers. The feedback we received was extremely positive and portrayed Bayer SeedGrowth as being on the right path to meeting our corporate goal of customer centricity.

A dedicated Bayer SeedGrowth website is one of the pillars of the brand's communication strategy. What response has there been to this website so far?

Matthias Pelm-Lindecke: By May 2014 the Bayer SeedGrowth website had attracted around 13,000 unique visitors and their average length of visit was over seven minutes. That exceeded our expectations by far, given the fact we are talking to a very small group from our international base. And after all, the real dialogue is always at a local level.

Fully integrated competence areas bring one Brazilian customer concrete benefits

“Remote access (to our seed treatment machine) is a simple tool that helps us solve any problem we come up against – the Bayer expert can view and manipulate the machine remotely, suggest adjustments to the settings, improve machine performance, and streamline the solution if we have an issue. The machine is very sturdy… but anyway we are not concerned about breakdowns because Bayer has a diverse inventory and there are people on call at weekends and bank holidays. Monitoring begins when a project is conceived, with qualified professionals who guide us in design, installation and team training. On the first day of work the presence of Bayer professionals brings us peace of mind. Our goal is to deliver the best seed with the best treatment, and Bayer is our partner.”
Luis Eduardo Salomão, Sementes Goiás (Rio Verde-GO)
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