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April 2013

Dedicated engineering and support


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In the UK Bayer offers a highly customer-centric package of seed treatment equipment, products and engineering support backed by R&D, quality assurance and advice. Seed treatment engineers oversee installation and maintenance of application machines and by being physically close to the customers, provide frequent support and service all over the country.
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On-site customer support
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On-site customer support
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On-site customer support

On-site customer support

Pioneers in all-inclusive seed treatment

For the past 15 years Bayer UK team has pioneered a comprehensive and customized seed treatment package featuring application equipment, products and engineering support backed by research and development, quality assurance and advice. This all-inclusive package is enhanced by a high degree of customer centricity.

On-site service and support

The Bayer SeedGrowth™ portfolio of high-quality seed treatment products for cereals, oil seed rape, sugar beet and potatoes is matched in the UK by a comprehensive range of sophisticated seed application equipment. The Bayer UK team designs, supplies and services batch treaters and ancillary equipment.

“We are the only company in the UK to employ its own team of seed treatment engineers,”

explains Peter Stacey, Bayer CropScience UK’s Seed Treatments and Molluscicides Manager.

“So we’re not only involved in developing application machines but, more importantly, in overseeing their installation and maintenance as well as providing quality assurance backup for the equipment.” The team of engineers works from bases throughout the UK. “Since our engineers are located physically close to our customers, they can provide them with ready and frequent support and service,” Peter adds.

Equipment improving your seeds

You want to learn more about us and our Equipment? Compare and contrast seed treatment machines using the Bayer SeedGrowth™ Equipment Catalog. Machines for all major seeds and segments, and every crop or customer-specific application.

Equipment Catalog (opens in new window)

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Seed application tests in the laboratory

Customer-centric application equipment

Bayer UK’s seed treatment engineers come with varying specialist skills and help to design the company’s on-seed application equipment. Since they are the people who work with and support customers on a daily basis, they are perfectly placed to ensure the most customer-centric designs, developments and enhancements to the Bayer seed treatment equipment. Martin Oldham, an engineer with Bayer CropScience UK and vastly experienced in this field, explains how a new batch treatment system was developed to meet growers’ demands: “Continuous flow treaters can meet the demand for fast throughput by the seed industry but are not ideal for the range of crops and applications growers now demand. So we developed the evolution. These high-throughput batch treaters are capable of accurately and evenly mixing just 125 ml of the product to 125 kg of wheat in eight seconds.”

Customized, state-of-the-art batch treaters

The machines in the UK are advanced batch treaters that are usually supplied with state-of-the-art control systems designed to simultaneously apply several different products to the seed – without prior mixing. This eliminates waste, requires no dilution, is highly flexible and allows rapid changeovers to satisfy different product and rate requirements. In other words, it is a very customer-centric system, especially as Bayer also supplies the specific film coatings a customer needs. The company’s seed treatment machines are tailored to a customer’s requirements.

“We have three basic types of seed treaters and we customize each system to a customer’s specific needs because our engineers know exactly where and under what conditions the machines will be deployed.”

Peter Stacey

Lee Harker, Bayer CropScience UK’s Key Account Manager and Engineering Line Manager, outlines the benefits of this customer-centric approach: “Since our engineers are part of our sales team and work with our customers and Bayer’s product portfolio every day, they know and fully understand the parameters of good, effective seed treatment.”
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Precision in seed treatment equipment

The evolution machines have other advantages, as Martin points out: “Doses are applied by state-of-the-art metering systems as used in the medical and food industries, and operators use a touchscreen system to see what is going on and control the machine. They can quickly switch recipes or crops. In addition, the evolution provides the full quality control and traceability that is essential for modern cropping.” Customer-centric precision to pharma standards is everything in modern seed-applied technologies and who better to provide it than Bayer?
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