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August 2016

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Bayer SeedGrowth™ assists growers around the globe – for example by supporting them to transform their business into a more efficient operation. A business that is profitable and sustainable at the same time by providing the farming community with high quality treated seed, products, coatings, the latest equipment and seed treatment services. Read our success stories from Malaysia and China.

Much More Rice in Malaysia

The first rice yield of the Bayer initiative ‘Much More Rice’ has been harvested in the Malaysian regions Kedah and Perlis. Bayer SeedGrowth, MADA Corp, which cooperates with the Malaysian government along with the National Farmers’ Association, and the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture recently celebrated the first commercial harvesting of dry SeedGrowth treated padi seeds, which were grown on 2,200 ha. 900 growers were involved.
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Experiencing the first commercial harvesting of dry SeedGrowth treated padi seeds.

The initiative helps enhance the rice production in a sustainable and efficient manner and supports the Malaysian government to raise the rice production by 28 % by 2020. In advance, the program has been tested in a two-season pilot phase in which 130 farmers with 53 ha of land participated. They have been monitored by a task force team consisting of Bayer employees and MADA Corp officials. “The farmers experienced firsthand how the program has helped them to increase their yields and income on average by 22 % and 28 % respectively,” says Mohan Babu, Malaysia and Indonesia Country Head at Bayer, Division Crop Science. “The successful and bountiful harvest that we are witnessing by using Bayer SeedGrowth's innovative technologies advances us in contributing to sustainable agriculture.”

High quality seeds provided

The ‘Much More Rice’ program has several components: First of all, Bayer has installed state-of-the-art seed treatment equipment at MADA Corp's premises. The company is licensed by the Malaysian government to treat up to 40 % of the seeds of the total rice growing area in the country. The company treats the seeds and supplies them to growers. “Our package and machinery has replaced the practice of how farmers are traditionally cultivating the padi in the region, which is time consuming, labor intensive and the results may not always be as desired,” explains Babu. “Bayer SeedGrowth technology makes it more convenient for seed producers and farmers as it helps them to avoid on average two sprayings in the first 50–60 days after sowing. Also, Bayer and MADA Corp employees support the farmers in the fields.” The reduced work force is especially important as the average age of Malaysian rice farmers is around 60 years and there is a huge labor shortage in the country. The program offers high quality treated seeds which are combined with crop protection solutions from Bayer. “The initiative is a great example of how the transformation towards a modern, dynamic and internationally competitive agricultural sector works”, Babu concludes.

New Solution for Chinese Potato Growers

Bayer supports growers in China, by introducing EMESTO™ Prime to the market in 2016. The innovative seed treatment product for potatoes is designed to combat soil diseases such as Rhizoctonia or black scurf and so far has been adopted well.
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“This year, I could not find any rotten seed potatoes after applying EMESTO Prime to the potato seed,” says Wang Weigang.

Five hundred large growers participated at an EMESTO Prime Launch Meeting in Inner Mongolia, the largest potato producing region in China. They also received Bayer’s “Much More Potato” training program on sustainable and integrated crop solutions for potatoes, including diagnosis and disease management. Fit, fast, first – due to its beneficial features, EMESTO Prime is the solution of choice for tackling soil diseases. Wang Weigang, whose business is located in Southern China, has good experience with the product. “This year, after applying EMESTO Prime to the potato seed, I could not find any rotten seed potatoes”, says Wang Weigang. He saved around 1,000 kg of his potato seeds corresponding to 10 % of his total seed purchase. The potato grower was able to reduce labor costs and to save 2,000 Yuan (Remnimbi), which corresponds to about US$ 306 and to resell the seed surplus.
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