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May 2016

Success story Kilafen

Farmers at heart

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You will learn in this article
  • that Kilafen is a pretty ambitious newcomer in the Uruguayan seed business,
  • that the demand for professionally treated seed is growing in Latin America,
  • what the benefits of a partnership with Bayer SeedGrowth are for Kilafen.
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Kilafen is a newcomer in the Uruguayan seed business. Nevertheless, its goals are ambitious: the company’s approach is to be not just a supplier but a partner farmers can rely on. The company cares about what farmers need because the people at Kilafen are farmers at heart.
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The route from the coast to the heart of Uruguay passes pastures and meadows, graceful horses and brown-patched cows. The landscape could be anywhere in central Europe if it were not for the palm trees that line the streets here and there. The destination of this journey is the town of Goñi, 170 kilometers north of the capital Montevideo. Here, Kilafen built its plant for seed processing and treating in 2012 – a strategic decision in order to provide its customers in the countryside with high-quality seeds for wheat, barley, soybean and pasture grass.

“We had to increase our capacity in order to meet our customers’ demands.”

Alberto Capurro, company’s operations manager

“We had to increase our capacity in order to meet our customers’ demands,” says Alberto Capurro, the company’s operations manager. “We are offering various services from a single source: We offer transportation, storage and various treatment technologies including inoculation. We are always trying to differentiate, not just providing commodities for the farmer but producing high-quality seed that is in demand in Uruguay for crops and pastures.”
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Current needs and future demands

Kilafen pursues the goal of offering high-quality seeds with the right components to prevent fungal diseases and insect damage in the soil, to help grow strong plants, and to deliver high yields. The company never rests on its laurels but constantly works on improving its treatment technology. “We are well aware of the current needs and future demands of farmers because we are farmers. We, too, want to have the highest quality possible in the seeds we put in the soil,” Alberto says. “For this reason, we have chosen Bayer as our partner because they supply us with their seed treatment technology, know-how and support.” Alberto feels comfortable, resting assured that Bayer has people in the field who will come as soon as possible and solve problems whenever they occur. Since Kilafen installed the machines, Bayer’s technical service, not only from Uruguay but also from Germany, has been on site three times. “We’re very happy with that – because that is exactly what we wanted.”
Kilafen in brief

Cooperation with Bayer SeedGrowthSince 2014
EmployeesApprox. 100
Head officeNueva Palmira (Uruguay’s second-most important harbor city)
ServicesGrain storage and logistics, marketing services, research and production technology for seed processing and treatment
New siteNew seed processing and seed treatment plant in Goñi
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