Seed treatment products

A product for almost every indication and crop

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Healthy soybean plants during the growth period

At Bayer we look back on a century of experience in seed treatment products. It all began with Uspulun, a liquid seed treatment based on chlorophenol mercury and advertised as promoting “Larger yields from smaller fields”. That claim has remained true for our seed treatment products ever since. In the 1920s came Ceresan™, a benchmark-setting seed treatment powder of greater efficacy. Systemically active Baytan™, a mercury-free seed treatment product, set new standards in the 1980s. And more recent innovations such as EverGol™ or Peridiam™ have continued our tradition of innovative seed treatment products.

Seed treatment products from Bayer SeedGrowth™ are first-class solutions for combating pests, diseases, nematodes and the like, as well as for enhancing crop efficiency. They enable plants to develop their full genetic potential by ensuring healthy crop establishment. In this way, they contribute to higher yields, and that helps grow your business. 

Comprehensive seed treatment portfolio

The Bayer SeedGrowth portfolio of seed treatment products has a solution for almost every indication and crop:
Insect pests can harm crops in the early stages of emergence, through damages to the plant and as vectors of viruses in many crops. Many soil insects like wireworm and corn root worm can be devastating. The same is true for the increasing pressure from nematodes. Also sucking insects like aphids and leafhoppers can transmit viruses that at the end limit the productivity of the plant and reducing the yield potential. So early protection through seed applied insecticides is the ideal method of preventing losses from insects and viruses.
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Fungal diseases can stop the emerging seedling or harm the plant. Some seed borne diseases like smuts and bunts can only be controlled by a fungicide on the seed, but also soil borne diseases like damping-off (pythium, rhizoctonia, etc.) can be controlled by seed application. With this, the development of a healthy root system, the basis for optimal crop establishment and yield production is secured.
Today’s farmers face unique challenges, and increasingly seek solutions that span synthetic chemistry, molecular biology and biologicals. Bayer leverages their expertise and competency in these different technology platforms to lead in providing sustainable crop solutions. Demand is growing for biologicals, which are often effective in small quantities. According to Rabobank the market will grow between 2015 and 2020 from US$2 billion to US$4.6 billion.

How you and your business benefit

Seed treatment stakeholders, and in particular farmers, are always facing new challenges. That's why we see our role as providing hands-on support through seed treatment products that contribute to:

  • Plant health
  • Root health
  • Emergence
  • Crop establishment
  • Stress resistance
  • Nutrition uptake
  • Quality improvements
  • Higher yields
  • Economic benefits (e.g. greater profitability, faster ROI)
  • Economic, ecological and social sustainability
  • Management convenience

In short, quality, healthier crop establishment and high yields – from Bayer SeedGrowth seed treatment products!

R&D – the seeds of progress

The integrated, holistic approach to research into new seed treatment products practised at Bayer SeedGrowth results in outstanding innovations, such as EverGol™3. As a multi-crop fungicidal product for seed application, EverGol3 not only protects but also boosts crops. It provides a long-lasting efficacy against various crop diseases as its limited mobility keeps it localized in the plant’s root system. At the same time, EverGol3 helps emerging plants develop stronger, healthier roots, enabling them to literally outgrow soil-borne diseases that typically ravage crops in the critical early phases of development. The overall effect is an improved uptake of nutrients and optimal plant development, which ultimately leads to better exploitation of a crop’s yield potential.

The results – reaping the benefits of a top-yielding field

EverGol3 Prime – effective against rhizoctonia root rot in Australia

Scruffy bald patches, thin plant stands, lost yield: wheat affected by rhizoctonia root rot is now a common problem in Australia, an important wheat-producing country. It costs farmers in Southern and Western Australia some $77 million a year. But now, at last, there is an effective means of tackling this problem: EverGol3 Prime, a revolutionary fungicidal seed treatment from Bayer CropScience. Its active ingredient, penflufen, suppresses rhizoctonia root rot and controls diseases such as the smuts and bunts. While improving plant vigor and helping to develop strong, fitter plants with increased stem diameter and overall biomass. Fitter, stronger plants improve a farmer’s ability to maximize the yield potential of wheat and barley crops.