A partner, not just a supplier

Providing the foundation for maximum yield

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The ultimate goal that farmers have is that every seed becomes a plant. To achieve this, they need high-quality seeds. And that is exactly what they expect from their seed producers and treaters. Supported by Bayer SeedGrowth™, the Uruguayan company Kilafen provides farmers with seeds tailored to their needs.
Kilafen S.A.
  • Agricultural services for grain storage and production
  • Founded in 2003
  • Cooperating with Bayer SeedGrowth since 2014
  • Approximately 100 employees
  • Expansion through a new seed processing and treatment plant in Goñi in 2012 (treatment capacity: 40 t/h)
Wheat, barley, soybean, and pasture grass – different plants with different purposes. But they have one thing in common: a high yield of these crops demands high-quality seeds. Located in Nueva Palmira, Uruguay, Kilafen has been producing, processing, and treating seeds since 2003 to supply its customers in the countryside with what they need. Kilafen’s challenge is to provide farmers with exactly the right components to prevent fungal diseases and insect damage. Their method is treating the seedlings with suitable products.
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Need for support

“Above all, we are farmers. That’s why we know exactly what farmers need and can manage every step of the supply chain in the seed business for them,” says Alberto Capurro, Kilafen’s operations manager. What does that entail? Growing seeds, processing them, treating them, and – finally – selling them to farmers and providing them with the service and knowledge they need. But one thing the company isn’t capable of on its own is building the treater equipment and producing the products to treat the seeds with.
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A qualified partner

They therefore found a qualified partner: Bayer SeedGrowth. “We wanted a partner who is an expert in areas where we’re not,” explains Capurro. In the case of Bayer, Kilafen chose them because of their ability to provide treatment technology, treatment expertise and service if the machines stop working. “Until now, they have been quick to help us on three occasions; once the support even flew in from Germany,” is how Capurro describes the trusting cooperation.

Building up knowledge

As Kilafen is still quite new in the treating industry, having a competent partner is a must. “Not only do we need advice about which treatment equipment to buy, we also need training on how to use the equipment as well as a lot of support – visits and recommendations on how to incorporate the equipment into our production chain,” says Capurro. In his opinion, treatment machines are the most complex elements in their process. And knowing more about the machines, the products used, and the right handling ultimately results in the high-quality seeds that Kilafen wants to offer its customers to help them achieve better crops and higher yields.
“Companies choose Bayer as their partner because we are the only ones in the market who deliver cutting-edge technology products, coatings, equipment, and service from a single source.”

Roland Gallow, Global Segment Manager Soybeans at Bayer SeedGrowth

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Quick help in case of sudden breakdowns

Bayer SeedGrowth’s approach to delivering fully integrated systems for on-seed applications falls into Kilafen’s hands. The all-inclusive package of equipment, products – chemical and biological – coatings, and services fulfils the needs of the newcomer Kilafen. “Companies like Kilafen choose Bayer as their partner because we are the only ones in the market who deliver all four competencies from a single source: cutting-edge technology products, coatings, equipment, and service,” says Roland Gallow, Global Segment Manager Soybeans at Bayer SeedGrowth. For him, it is not enough to provide Kilafen with the right equipment. He sees it as his task to supply them with continued assistance, training, and technical support. “For sudden breakdowns, Bayer can provide fast responses and even equipment parts in no time at all.”
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Win-win situation

The advantages are mutual. If farmers gain higher yields using Kilafen’s products, their confidence in the Bayer brand grows. And Kilafen also has a lot to bring into the mix. With its good connections to farmers all over Uruguay, Kilafen’s approach to customers is completely different than Bayer’s. “We can help farmers because we communicate with them on a daily basis. They talk to us about their concerns and problems, so we can tell Bayer exactly what they need,” says Capurro.
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