• Faster. Higher. Stronger. Peak-level performance in seed treatment

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  • You never work alone – The proactive product steward approach of Bayer SeedGrowth

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  • 100 Years of Innovation in Seed Treatment

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  • Bayer SeedGrowth – For those who love to yield

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  • ISF Congress 2014 in Beijing
  • Rice production in Taiwan enhanced by innovations in seed treatment

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  • Bayer SeedGrowth™ is the fully integrated system for on-seed applications

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  • Benefit from the revolutionary On Demand™ system powered by Bayer SeedGrowth™

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  • EverGol®. The new fungicidal seed treatment family from Bayer.

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100 years of Bayer SeedGrowth Coatings

What started as a small French company a century ago is now the heart of innovative film coatings and pelleting technology for farmers all around the globe. In 2015 the Bayer SeedGrowth Coatings site in Méréville, France celebrates its 100th years of expertise and innovation.more


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A product for almost every indication and crop

The powerful seed treatment products Bayer SeedGrowth™ offers, get crops off to the healthiest possible start, help them become strongly established, and produce outstanding yield benefits at harvest. This performance is based on a century of experience in seed treatments, innovative R&D, and seed treatment products for every indication and crop. Innovative solutions that will protect, enhance and grow your seed investment.more


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Take a good seed and make it better!

The R&D team at Bayer SeedGrowth™ is increasingly turning film coatings into technological powerhouses that protect and enhance seed performance. Besides helping to ensure healthy plant establishment, our seed-applied technologies can also make good seeds perform even better through on-seed micronutrients and our know-how in biologics.more


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Get your equipment from the people who make the products

As the only crop protection company to develop and manufacture application equipment, we know what it takes to make excellent machines. The range of seed treatment equipment Bayer SeedGrowth™ develops to apply products to the seed covers nearly every seed and segment.more


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The difference is know-how and passion

Customization, stewardship, testing, training, advice and eye-level technical support – customer-centric services from truly committed personnel. An essential and highly beneficial component of Bayer SeedGrowth™, the comprehensive and fully integrated system for on-seed applications.more

Explore Bayer SeedGrowth™

A new, different and unique concept is making its mark on the seed treatment business: Bayer SeedGrowth. The name of this comprehensive and fully integrated system for on-seed applications says it all: At Bayer we are totally focused on growing top-quality seeds, enabling them to thrive, and ultimately growing our customers’ business.more

Bayer SeedGrowth™
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